Designer Andreea Badala reveals some of the 1950s shapes and details that inspired the newest MURMUR items.

The insides of a couture dress

I am fascinated with anything that has to do with the interior structure of haute couture dresses. I searched the internet and visited museums to find and understand them. Besides their role to shape and sustain the body, such contructions are also very beautiful. I decided to bring them on the outside, and I eliminated most of their functional details, because the modern woman is so dinamic and needs to move freely. That’s how the Opus series was born.

Slip dresses

The slip dress, such a cliché item, was a huge inspiration. I replaced the silk satin with precious technical polyester, which captures light beautifully and follows the body’s every move. The straps are attached with golden metallic details inspired by suspender clips. Wearing the Escapade series – the top and the dress – is such a breeze.

Bath costumes

Images of vintage bath costumes made me wish to create some unforgetable summer basics. The Haze series includes pieces which are extremely wearable in and out of the city. Micro-pieces like the bra tops and the high-waisted shorts work in countless combinations, while the tight dress made of precious satin, with a zipper all down the back, is made with both mermaids and amazons in mind.


Robe Dresses

In the 1950s women used to wear some superb robe dresses, which inspired this season’s Diversion series. The Diversion Dress sways elegantly along with its wearer, and allows her to wear something tight and sexy on the underneath and to reveal as much as she feels comfortable to.



Vintage bras and girdles

One of my perpetual obsessions is transposing the beauty of vintage bra shapes and girdles into a piece that’s easy to wear and mix. The Grid Underdress is a dress meant to be worn under or with. It’s made of elastic veil and it feels like second skin.

Army meets Grease

The Ivy series highlights an emblematic MURMUR detail – the suspender clip. This is my way of reaching to the military aesthetic, and by military I mean the uniform of a confident woman. To me, the Ivy and Snap Leggings are the ideal pieces for a present-day Olivia Newton-John.



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