MURMUR 〰 Pillow Talk #1 About love

Our inborn curiosity for confession and our desire to watch and share are some of the impulses that we explored for our first edition of Murmur Pillow Talk #1 About love, a live streamed event from a monthly series of talks on themes that are fundamentally and deeply Murmur. 

So, on February 11, starting 8:00 PM, spectators were allowed access to fragments of intimacy from a very personal talk that was live streamed via our Facebook page. Gently closing the door behind as the story unfolded, head designer and founder Murmur Andreea Badala welcomed 2 special guests to express their take on the subject, in a cozy and very personal dialogue over the importance and necessity of love and self-love.

Who were the guests?

Cristian Movila is a prominent figure on the cultural landscape of Bucharest. Talented photographer, Cristian has worked as a photojournalist for the New York Times, National Geographic and Time magazine. He has also established the Eidos Foundation in 2019, which builds a platform for cultural projects in Romania.

Capucine Gros is Cristian's partner, both in love and in profession. Together they created Unfinished Festival. She's traveled the world through different residencies in China, Serbia or Zimbabwe before settling in Romania. Also an artist, she plays with the perception of strength and sensitivity through words.

The get-together couldn't have happened without the help of our partners Mercedes-Benz Romania, who have lent us their first 100% electric Mercedes-Benz, the energizing EQC, so that the invites arrived on spot in the electro pioneer stunning beauty.

The event took place in a cozy, intimate apartment in the heart of Bucharest, entwining vintage and baroque elements, in a tale of murmured confessions and revelations. The scenery has been set in place and fueled by the talent of Dhaniel Nora from Purple Flowers.

We invite you to enjoy and explore some of Murmur's emotions and states of mind, by watching the main moments from this online experience.

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