MURMUR 〰 Pillow Talk: Miss Miranda

"First thing you do when you meet someone is somehow find out if you have shared values, isn’t it? With having my own brand for some time now, it’s been easier to connect to people that admired my work and me theirs, cause my work with MURMUR was the ice breaker...

There’s so many amazing people I’ve met and that I have inspirational conversations with that I decided to share them with you.”

Andreea Badala – founder and head designer of MURMUR

MURMUR 〰 Pillow Talk: Miss Miranda

Let’s start by introducing yourself a bit. For those who didn’t have the chance to meet you, who are you? Who is Miss Miranda? Tell us something we don’t know about you. 

I am a burlesque performer, Fetish model and fashion muse. I am originally from London, and have been performing internationally for over a decade... a lot of people are familiar with my burlesque performance but I am also a singer - you can expect to see (and hear!) more of this in the coming months!

By the nature of your beautiful career, you play different roles with many styles, and yet your personal style is recognizable. What is the “recipe” for creating such a unitary and unique aesthetic of power and self-confidence? Do you have any advice?



It sounds cliché, but be true to what you love. I have always had a very emotional and visceral connection to my personal style - I know instantly if I like an item of clothing or accessory and whether it’s ‘me’. I think style should feel second nature like that. Don’t over think whether something is ‘right’ for you or suits you. If it excites you and makes you feel good, go with it. It’s YOUR style.

Some might consider controversial the act of “showing”/displaying publicly too much of your body. But you do it in such an artistic and powerful way. Have you ever been in the position of being blamed or commented about? How did you react to it?

Thank you! And absolutely. I definitely get some trolls now and again slut shaming me for being a stripper and modeling nude, but I recognize people like that are usually just projecting their own insecurities that society has taught them. I believe passionately that nudity is nothing to be ashamed of, and in particular society’s double standards regarding male and female nudity are toxic and outdated.

What is your definition of a “strong woman”?

I have mixed feelings about this term actually, as I think it implies that being ‘strong’ as a woman is unusual or atypical... In my experience living as a woman involves a great deal of dangers and societal pressures that are extremely difficult to navigate. You HAVE to be strong to deal with that. I think the term has come to mean a woman who doesn’t let those pressures diminish her sense of self, or her goals in life and I certainly relate to that.

Name 3 things that make you feel strong, sexy and confident. A place, a habit, an object, a song, maybe a book, a movie or a gesture. 

High heels. Red lips. A delicious cocktail.

Over the decades, women's sexuality has been a taboo subject around the world. But times are changing, fortunately, hopefully. What do you think about the impact of sexuality on women’s empowerment?

What a great question! I think it’s absolutely vital. For women to feel free to embrace their sexuality, explore it and revel in the joy it can bring is crucial to combat the way society has forced us to be passively sexualized for so long. I do believe times are changing and it brings me great hope to see more women engaging in their sexuality for their own enjoyment and gain. I also believe it’s so important for women’s overt expression of their sexuality to be recognized as a feminist act, and not simply dismissed as ‘catering to the male gaze’. Internalized misogyny is still so prevalent and does nothing but hold all women back.

What role does fashion play in your life?

To me, fashion has always been an outward expression of my inner self. I think we all have multiple aspects to our personalities, and I love being able to express different facets of myself however my mood takes me. Fetish is particularly powerful to me in that sense, as it has helped me to understand the different parts of myself that are dominant and submissive. Exploring fashion aesthetics that convey each and mixing and matching the two is fascinating to me, and feels highly appropriate given my 'switch' identity.

How would you describe the Murmur woman? And how do you feel when you wear it?

Fearless, free, and utterly uninhibited. Free to be as delicate and feminine and as powerful and intimidating as she wishes... and everything in between!

Choose a Murmur item and imagine the perfect scenario to wear it.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I’ve definitely been lusting after the Zest dress! The pandemic has been devastating to everyone, but the live entertainment industry has been hit especially hard. It’s been soul destroying not being able to perform or attend shows for the past year. Of course I can’t wait to perform again, but I cannot tell you how excited I am to dress up to the nines and simply sit in the audience and take in the opulence of a beautiful show again! I’m imagining lounging in the Zest dress, sipping champagne with my man by my side in the front row at Crazy Horse Paris!

What is the greatest advice someone gave you when you were a young girl? And what advice would you pass onto the next generation of strong women?

Never ignore something you feel passionate about. Follow your passions and you'll find your true self, and your purpose in life, and that in turn will connect you to your fellow people. Never stop loving something because someone tells you it's not 'cool'. The coolest people in the world to me are those who fully embrace their passions and dreams and don't give a damn what anyone else thinks. It sounds like another cliché, but don't let anyone tell you who you are. It’s one of life’s greatest challenges to figure that out - and once you do, you can live a happy and genuine existence, and make a difference to the world.



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