Introducing Sensual Activewear Capsule

Sensual Activewear Capsule redefines feminine and comfortable for the dynamic woman who is confident enough to dive into the unknown. As we launch this new and very limited collection, here are a few words to put you in the mood from our head designer Andreea Badala.

What inspired you for creating this Capsule Collection?

My inspiration went in 2 directions: Stage Costumes and Scuba Diving Costumes.

Firstly, I thought about both spectacular and comfortable pieces created for artists that need to dance. I went back from old and new Mugler to stage costumes for Dua Lipa - I absolutely love every time she wears MURMUR on stage.

Secondly, I love 2 things about scuba diving shapes and costumes: the ability to adapt to another medium (water) and the amazing way it fits your body in such an unusual environment. Just like this period: we need to adapt to changes and keep moving while remembering to be feminine and sensual.

What kind of pieces will be available for this Capsule Collection?

I have challenged myself to take many elements from these 2 themes and create only the following pieces: bodysuit, overall, leggings, biker leggings, and only one dress. There is very limited stock on each of them and will be available for a really short period.


Tell us more about the limited pieces.

As we did not show ourselves around anymore, these pieces are exactly conceived to help you embrace your curves and their uniqueness. We wanted the fitting to be impeccable. I love the way the pieces look on athletic, slim figures and curves. I wanted unpretentious, matt, comfortable and flattering fabric that reminded me of activewear and shapewear. So I chose to work with a thick microfiber with shaping properties that is also breathable on the skin. That gives the products an amazing fit with a slight slimming effect. And I just added transparent details to some of the pieces.

Is there a stronger need for comfortable clothes lately?

Even before the pandemic, there was a constant need for comfort, because women became more dynamic within the society. Nowadays, with less traveling and activities, we have preserved these needs more than ever. Apparently, we are facing a lower level of movement, but our need for it becomes stronger. That is why the Capsule Collection focuses on comfortable pieces.


I also think that after all these months of lockdown, we have the urge to show our femininity more, to flirt, to dance, to move, to laugh… I mean, yes, there was this woman that looked like Malena a few decades ago, but she looks now more like Milla Jovovich in „5th element”. Everything changes and evolves now, including the meaning of being feminine and sensual.


What is the perfect scenario for wearing these pieces?

If before the pandemic the occasion was indicating what to wear, we don’t have such thing now. We just dress up for the pure pleasure to express ourselves and dive into the unknown. Now even going out for a take-away coffee is a special occasion.

So I imagined comfortable bodysuits, overalls, leggings, and biker leggings that are suitable no matter where the day takes you. Can be paired with sneakers, flats, or even ankle boots.

Will the notion of femininity change after the pandemic?

I think we are only at the beginning of a renaissance period. As women, we will always be in a quest to find ourselves and to express our femininity. Especially now, everything can be redefined. And that is the beauty of the unknown and the ability to dive into it. This capsule is my guess about what women will redefine as sensual and wearable. It’s a bridge of style between the comfortableness of activewear and loungewear that we have all been so much accustomed to, and the sensuality and flirty-ness that we long for after so much time without going out or traveling so much.

Discover the Sensual Activewear Capsule here.

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