Giveaway #MURMURMETASELFIE or the New Self-Love Attitude

Because femininity is also about the power of self-appreciation in the most authentic way, we invite others to love and appreciate us behind-the-scenes.

Take a METASELFIE and you can win a 400€ voucher!

Mood: MURMUR-ish (as you define it). Just be you and everyone else will love it!

Use the message: #MURMURMETASELFIE The New SELF LOVE Attitude and tag @murmurclothing on Instagram.

On March 8 we will announce the winner on Instagram.


• It can be a mirror selfie with the front camera’s interface visible, creating an infinite spiral of selfies or a photo of someone else’s iPhone capturing the shot.
• Switching from the Male or Other Person’s Gaze to Women’s Gaze: to be able to turn the camera on yourself is a means to regain your narrative and question the messages you have received around who you are and are expected to be.
• While being rather easy to take, is an embrace of the process behind taking a photo, and a simultaneous rejection of the typical edited and posed photos.

Ways to take a METASELFIE:

1. Open your front camera and direct your screen towards the mirror.
2. Let your dear one surprise you while taking a selfie.

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