MURMUR was launched in 2011 as a reconnection with femininity and sensuality by means of pret-a-porter. A way for women to enjoy who they are, with or without the presence of men. The feminine look of women of the 50s, the ritual of undressing and the shapes of vintage lingerie translated into modern ready-to-wear are constant landmarks of the MURMUR universe.

MURMUR has been worn by VIPs such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Kristen Stewart and Dua Lipa and featured in international magazines such as Vogue UK and Paper magazine.

MURMUR is present internationally in stores in Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Poland) and North America - USA and Canada.


MURMUR incorporates bold designs and impeccable techniques to highlight and enhance a woman's hourglass figure. Designer Andreea Badala finds inspiration in the feminine contours of the 50s, the intimacy of underwear and the gestures of dressing and undressing, and transposes them into modern, wearable outfits, suitable for any moment of the day.

 In a world where gender rights and equality is still a burning issue, a woman can be strong and also embrace her femininity without denying what she is: a tender, sensual being who brings balance and unity.

While leading MURMUR through its maturity stage, Andreea creates clothes for the contemporary woman with one conviction: that this is the best time in history to be a woman.

About Andreea Badala, designer MURMUR

After studying Arts in Bucharest and Model Technology at the London College of Fashion, Andreea Bădală gained valuable work experience at Alexander McQueen Menswear and Richard Nicoll.

She then returned to her home country and started MURMUR, a women's clothing brand that allows her to make her mark internationally.

Atelier & craftsmanship

For our love for the art of tailoring, craftsmanship and impeccable fitting, we create handmade, made-to-measure pieces, designed and sewn in our own workshop in the heart of Bucharest. The certified factories we partner with always guarantee the best working conditions for employees along with high quality standards.

Our mission is to produce the right quantities to release capsules in limited numbers, which is why some pieces never come back into stock.

The materials used are of the highest quality and come from Italy, France, Greece, Germany and Japan. MURMUR creates a timeless style that can always be worn, regardless of the current season or fashion trends.

12 years of MURMUR

MURMUR in international press

MURMUR has been featured in international magazines such as ELLE, Vogue and Paper Magazine.

MURMUR in international stores