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About the brand

MURMUR was launched in 2011 by Andreea Badala as a reconnection with femininity and sensuality, by means of prêt-à-porter. The feminine look of a 50s woman, the ritual of undressing and underwear shapes translated into modern outfits are constant starting points.

MURMUR has been worn by VIPs like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, Shay Mitchell, Dua Lipa, Kristen Stewart and Tiffany Young, and featured in international magazines such as Vogue UK and Paper Magazine.

MURMUR is sold internationally in Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Poland), North America- US and Canada, Asia (Japan, Israel) and Australia.

I am Marina, and I am bringing the amazing Murmur collections to the world!

These are my contacts:

+40 741 012 424

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