Introducing Loungewear '20 Collection

A few words from head designer and founder Murmur Andreea Badala, as are we are adding a new collection to our line-up - Loungewear '20 Collection

"This collection represents the fine line between outwear and lingerie: hold-up boots inspired by vintage stockings, transparent bodysuits, sensual accessories and satin high-heel mules you can wear from dawn until dusk, both inside and outside the house, for the pure delight of dressing up for yourself. 

I only see a fine line between the clothes you choose to wear outside and the ones you wear inside. After all, it is a matter of privacy and subtle limitations. As an incurable lover of the mysterious journey of being a woman and enjoying femininity, every single piece of clothing I create embodies this passion. Just try to imagine items you can wear from dawn until dusk, both inside and outside the house.

MURMUR has always been bridging two spheres: outside and inside. With MURMUR I play with particular elements of both outerwear and lingerie. This bipolarity results in versatile pieces that can be enjoyed inside the house and also styled in a chic look for going out.

I have created a Loungewear line that is now more desirable than ever. Women might not have the same opportunities to publicly express their femininity these days, but they still have their own space: home. This space is your playground, that one place where you can gather with the most intimate people in your life. And, greatly than ever before, it is a space of fantasy.


The Loungewear line stays faithful to three inspiring forces: fantasy, femininity, sensuality. It is meant to uplift your spirits and remind you that dressing up for yourself is the absolute form of dressing up. It is a means of expressing your femininity, while enjoying the process of self-discovery and finding the pure entertainment of adorning your body.

I have created bodysuits that play a flirtatious game of transparency and opacity for you to enjoy the pure recipe of sexiness.

Sensual accessories like suspender belts that can be worn both as suspenders and fashionable belts: because we know that accessories can serve as charming instruments for the communication of your inner desires.

Satin high-heel mules, that makes you walk like a diva. Leggings that resemble the 50s style through a black seam running down the back of the leg that makes you look classy, yet stunningly modern.

Hold-up boots in elastic mesh with simple suspender belt that holds them - I can imagine these amazing boots on a bare body, as worn in a Helmut Newton shoot, or just worn as tights under a midi skirt.


Play within the sphere of fantasy, express your femininity and adore the road to self-discovery."

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