This is the story of Designer's Pick Limited Edition

Designer's Pick Limited Edition, the most recent MURMUR collection, explained by creative director Andreea Badala:

I have a mission with MURMUR - to reconnect women with their own femininity and sensuality. So the clothing in itself becomes a ritual that helps you attain that - that attitude, that look, that confidence.

I have realized something in with time: that all women that admire MURMUR, but haven’t tried it on yet, think it’s not attainable, it’s not something that would be for them. Once they find the courage to do so, they find in the mirror a side of them they didn’t see before this way - a confident and sensual woman, that they didn't even know it existed. And it’s true, we have so many sides and shades in one person.

I think MURMUR in clothing is like a very well designed stiletto: it’s not that the high heel immediately transforms your body, it's what it makes out of it and all its gestures.

What can you tell us about this new edition: Designer's Pick? Why did you make it an limited one?

At least 2 reasons for that. Firstly, we have a lot of loyal customers that are always into buying something new from MURMUR. As some already had so many pieces from the collections, offering something special and limited was a natural options. Secondly, it’s for me own pleasure and my team’s pleasure also. I love this moment of creativity and craftmanship, without having to think about how many dozens we’ll put into production. This is very limited - you either react immediately, or you will not find it again. Imagine that each color on each piece has less than 20 items, all numbered. You can be the lucky owner of one of them - this is also a collectible. I love these different sides of the story.

What about the name of the campaign Limited Edition: Designer's Pick? What was the inspiration for this new project?

I wanted the name to be straightforward - customers need to know that this is something very limited and rare and that is something that we picked out especially for them and for the love of craftmanship.

What message do you want this new project to send?

Quality over quantity. Craftmanship and attention to details. Very low chances of meeting someone who’s dressed the same as you. Fantasy and femininity.

Also, I wanted to show the process behind, all the steps and all the work that is involved into making and outfit from scratch. The process resembles the ones of the well-known Paris ateliers half a century ago. We pride ourselves that in times of mass production and consumerism, we are all into quality, uniqueness, craftmanship and that everything is ethically produced in our own atelier.

What can you tell us about the clothes from this new limited campaign? What story are you telling about the women who wear these new designs?

For this first edition, I have chosen a full outfit that consists of bra top, fitted skirt and a transparent kimono worn as a light jacket. I think it’s like a very concentrated essence of what we do and comprises the pillars of our inspiration: the feminine outlines of the 50s, the intimacy of lingerie and the gestures of dressing and undressing.

The outline is elegant, mid length and fitted and it’s made in precious satin made in France. The bra top takes its inspiration from the 50s bra shapes and both the bra top and skirt are accessorized with golden suspender clips used as hooks for a precious elasticated ribbon that creates a lacing effect.

The kimono has a classical shape in soft transparent silk mousseline. I love this piece because it’s re-contextualized into a very light jacket you can wear on top of sensual pieces. Golden zippers at the back offer sensual slits and gestures of undressing. Bra top and skirt come in 3 colors : burgundy, Russian violet and black. Whereas the kimono is a classic black.

Are there some stages that you and your team follow during the creative process?

We usually start off with the inspiration of a collection, basic draft shapes that we work on until we find new outlines for the collection, then we work with a lot of sketches and mock-ups until we define the lineup.

Can you tell us more about the production process? How do you communicate your ideas?

For this project, I started from one of my favorite shapes - a bra top and a fitted mid length skirt that are already iconic at MURMUR. We worked on the detailing because we wanted to incorporate both gold hardware and lacing details and we chose to work on precious satin in royal colors. We loved the way it looked on the mock-up and loved it more on the first prototype. I felt like doing something classic and dressy after so many months of not dressing up as before.

Discover the entire collection here.

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