We are launching MURMUR Summer 22 collection - Hedonism

Hedonism, the Summer '22 Collection, is all about combining different points of inspiration into fun, sensual and colorful pieces. As we're getting ready to launch our newest collection, here are some words and pointers from our head designer Andreea Badala on what inspired her for this collection.

Marie Antoinette

As a period remembered for its decadence, there is a very subtle line that is inspired by the famous Marie Antoinette period.

Rococo inspiration

Rather than going for the women’s fashion, I was inspired by the proportions of the men’s fashion: the length of the trousers are transformed into sensual capri trousers and the famous blouses of the 18th century are turned into modern summer blouses to be worn as jackets or kaftans

50's lingerie & 90’s supermodel vibe

I also went into my obsession with 50s lingerie and mixed it with a 90’s supermodel vibe, from color palette to proportions.

Experimental x-rays of flowers

Randomly inspired by some  some 30s x-rays of flowers, I have mixed my obsession with the 50s lingerie and couture details turned into contemporary pieces, with that x-ray effect. Rather than creating prints, I played with transparencies and draping techniques.


Denim series

The freshness of the collection comes also from the denim series. In red and black Swiss denim and with contrasting seams that mime 18th century and lingerie proportions, the pieces are modern and utilitarian, with a sense of elegance. The shirts bare our Signature Sculpt shapes, but deconstructed.

Printed artwork

I wanted color, I wanted joy. So there is a lot of orchid fuchsia, electric orange, there is white, gold and contrasting black to add power and geometry. For this summer I have also imagined a print, that has both flowers and stripes.

Feminine + masculine

I chose a dissected orchid’s drawing, most orchids contain both male and female reproductive organs in one flower and I find that nice to acknowledge that we have both feminine and masculine in us.

I turned the same flower drawing into precious embroidery on kimonos that I imagine both worn in holidays during the day or in the evening as summer jackets.

I absolutely love:

  • The Denim series, I find them both design and comfortable, with a beautiful fit on the body.

  • The Hedonic series - I love the bra, I have deconstructed our Signature Sculpt bra and I have shown in this piece the stages of making the piece ( you can see the padding of the cup, the seams that we usually hide underneath of product- now turned into a piece in itself). I also love the way you can clip on the mesh suspender-socks to the Hedonic shorts, skirt or dress.

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