Discover the new MURMUR Fall/Winter '22 Collection

Timeless designs that become weapons of confidence, in a balance between strength and sensuality, femininity and masculinity.

Inspired by the film La Notte, directed by the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni în 1961, head designer and founder Andreea Bădală proposes to recreate the characters from the film in her own way, through clothes.

“There is a sense of timelessness in this movie, as the late 50s blends with a more modern 60s aesthetic and it is in absolute resonance with the MURMUR aesthetic.

I loved the poetry of this movie and its cinematography and I challenged myself to re-create the characters in my vision, through looks, as they would exist now in 2022.

The collection is a balance of masculine and feminine in black and white, with just a few brushes of skin color and red.” - Andreea Bădală

The novelty of the collection is a combination of ultra-feminine and sensual pieces, with masculine details and inspiration. The classic shirt and trousers are paired with corsage elements, as seen in the Tomboy Cropped Blazer, Tomboy Bra Top and Tomboy Trousers.

Moreover, the Tomboy Corset and the Frame Corselet Belt are worn this time over the shirt, becoming an armor for the female body.

The series of shirts, Reserved Cropped Shirt or Reserved Long Shirt, present a subtle but so resonant detail from the sphere of masculine inspiration: the silhouette of the tank top that can be seen on men, like a shadow, through the shirt.

The inspiration from the female characters of the film can be observed in different pieces of the collection. The mature, classic woman is found in the timeless designs of cocktail dresses like the Frame Dress, kimonos - the Grip Kimono and slip dresses like the Slip Series.

The young, refined women, is portrayed through classic pieces with modern cuts like the Crave Top, Crave Skirt and Tomboy Blazer.

And last but not least, we can see the femme fatale, confident, wearing corset dresses, bodysuits and eco-leather dresses like the Fling Series, or through revealing and totally unexpected details.

The timeless designs of this collection create a soft balance between obvious masculinity and a subtle, but powerful and active feminine gaze, that is always the fundament for MURMUR. Discover the entire collection here.

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