Designer's Pick Limited Edition

1st Episode

Designer's Pick is a very limited and rare edition consisting of 3 pieces that we picked out especially for you and for the love of craftmanship.

We pride ourselves that in times of mass production and consumerism, we are all into quality, uniqueness, craftmanship and that everything is ethically produced in our own atelier. Each piece from the edition has less than 20 items, all numbered. You can be the lucky owner of one of them. This is also a collectible.

Andreea Badala, designer and founder MURMUR, describes the Designer's Pick capsule:

"For this first edition, I have chosen a full outfit that consists of bra top, fitted skirt and a transparent kimono worn as a light jacket. I think it’s like a very concentrated essence of what we do and comprises the pillars of our inspiration: the feminine outlines of the 50s, the intimacy of lingerie and the gestures of dressing and undressing. I felt like doing something classic and dressy after so many months of not dressing up as before."

Hedonic Bra Top

The bra top takes its inspiration from the 50s bra shapes and is accessorized with golden suspender clips used as hooks for a precious elasticated ribbon that creates a lacing effect.

This stretch satin piece with metallic golden zipper at the back has an ultra-feminine cleavage and precious lining. 

24 limited items

Hedonic Skirt

Combining the luxurious shine and sculpting properties of stretch satin, the Hedonic Skirt clears the path for you to make quite an entry. The outline is elegant, mid length and fitted and it’s made in precious satin made in France. Accessorized with golden suspender clips used as hooks for a precious elasticated ribbon that creates a lacing effect. The zipper fastening at the back acts as an adjustable slit as well.

18 limited items

Decadent Kimono

The kimono has a classical shape in soft transparent silk mousseline. A very light jacket you can wear on top of sensual pieces.

20 limited items

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