Lore Gavrila is a senior cruise consultant with an obvious passion for travelling to amazing places, all around the world. This summer, she’s taken MURMUR to Singapore and Bali. We asked her to share some escapade secrets with us.


1. What makes Asia irresistible to you?

Asia is undoubtedly one of the most accessible exotic destinations in the world. My first trip to Asia was in 2016, when I went on a cruise to Singapore, the Phillipines, Malaysia, Brunei and China. I’ve been in love with Asia ever since. Whether you decide to visit the famous temples in Indonesia and Malaysia, the beaches in the Phillipines and Thailand, or the skyscrapers in Singapore, it’s impossible not to have a spiritually enriching experience.

2. What was it like to wear MURMUR on holiday?

When I pack for holidays, I usually choose some outfits for the places that I consider to be “main feature”. So I planned to keep the MURMUR pieces for some special moments. But when I got there, I realized that I can wear MURMUR anytime, anywhere, be it in the street, in the extravagant neighborhoods of Singapore, or on the iconic beaches of Bali. And even if it might sound like a cliché, it made me feel more confident and feminine. Another thing that thrilled me was that the fabrics had no trouble travelling in my bag for 16 days, and needed no ironing.


3. A memory you associate with one of the items from our SS 2019 collection.

Because we like to push our boundaries and we’re completely into our photo sessions, I shall share the secret of the photo below with you. We had to lift the bed mattress and move it by the window. It wasn’t easy, I can tell you, but we’re happy we got what we wanted. The hotel staff also liked and shared our picture.


4. A place in Singapore and a place in Bali that go great with MURMUR.

I think that MURMUR can blend perfectly anywhere in Singapore, thanks to the people’s open-minded attitude. As for the more secluded resorts in Bali, I’d say catching the sunrise in a MURMUR outfit can make for really special mornings.

5. Something you murmured in his year this summer.

The two magic words that I don’t often say to him, for fear that they would fade in time and lose their meaning.


6. If you could ask any movie character to join you on your holidays, who would it be?

Tom Hanks in his role from Cast Away, because he carried it off successfully on a deserted island. Since most of my holidays take me to such places, I’d never worry with him by my side.

Photos courtesy of @lorys.story


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