Taste of summer: Escapade Series

This month's drop is all about the taste of summer. The Escapade Series features gorgeously light tops and slippery dresses - wearing them is such a breeze!

What Inspired it

Designer Andreea Badala reveals some of the turning points that inspired the Escapade Series

The slip dress, such a cliché item, was a huge inspiration. I replaced the silk satin with precious technical polyester, which captures light beautifully and follows the body’s every move. The straps are attached with golden metallic details inspired by suspender clips.

Escapade Tops

Slippery is the right word. Get the best of summer in these gorgeously light tops with adjustable straps, lateral slits and a very feminine cleavage. The golden fastenings are the royal touch.

Escapade Dresses

Imagine lightweight dresses, made of superfluid technical veil. Imagine lateral slits for dazzling effect and an underskirt that feels incredible on the skin. Featuring adjustable straps that mimic a fastening inspired by lingerie details, taking them off is incredibly easy.

Escapade Long Dresses

There's nothing that speaks better of long summer days and night than long silky dresses. The Escapade Long Dresses will caress your skin, giving your every move an ethereal feel, almost as if you were magic.

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