The Iconic Sculpt Series

Designer Andreea Badala takes us through some key aspects of the brand’ s Iconic Sculpt Series

Before creating what eventually became the Sculpt Bodysuit, I was fascinated by how bras looked in the 1950s. Those pointy cups you saw protruding from underneath the sweaters in the movies. From my very first collection, I developed a shape that placed all accent on design and geometry. The black Poise Dress had great success, especially among celebrities.

In time, I saw how a reinterpretation of a classical shape becomes itself a classical shape. And, as part of its natural evolution, I wanted it to become more popular offstage.

The satin Sculpt Bodysuit that everybody knows and loves is mainly destined for special occasions. It’s not made to be worn casually and regularly. And although it’s a highly sensual piece, it has something almost intimidating about it, like a shield – it offers protection and it imposes a certain distance.

Having that in mind, we created the new Sculpt Bodysuit, from our Iconic collection. Everything from fabric and design, to construction and technology have been toned down, in order to make this piece easy to wear no matter the hour and the occasion. We chose a very soft fabric – a mix of cotton, polyester and elastane. We worked for over six months to develop this ready-to-wear, machine washable piece. The bra cups and the fitting have changed. The cups now have only one layer of padding, and the piece can be worn discreetly underneath other clothes, like a basic.

We also added the Sculpt Dress to the collection, which comes in black and white – two colors that are brand specific. This is the definition of a MURMUR short, tight dress, that emphasizes the bust and highlights the waist and the hips. It seemed necessary. It’s also very comfortable, and, as it happens with many MURMUR pieces, you can only understand how good it feels on the body when you try it on.

A photograph can’t always do justice to a product. You can see some new pieces and wonder: what’s new? Well, the technology and the fitting can be new, the proportions, the focus on wearability and versatility. These are things that photographs – as social media trained us to consume them – cannot show. One can come up with a striking design (visually speaking), but the questions are: how’s the fitting? how’s the quality? does it stand the test of time? You have to touch and wear our Iconic pieces to understand the importance of constantly questioning, testing and developing a product.


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