MURMUR 〰 Pillow Talk: Maxime et Iuliia

"First thing you do when you meet someone is somehow find out if you have shared values, isn’t it? With having my own brand for some time now, it’s been easier to connect to people that admired my work and me theirs, cause my work with MURMUR was the ice breaker...

There’s so many amazing people I’ve met and that I have inspirational conversations with that I decided to share them with you.”

Andreea Badala – founder and head designer of MURMUR

MURMUR 〰 Pillow Talk: Maxime et Iuliia

I met Maxime some years ago in Paris and we are friends since then. He is kind, always an optimist, smart and funny and the best friend you can ever imagine. He and Iuliia met a few years ago and fell in love and got married. Iuliia is this mysterious beauty from Russia, almost like a surreal porcelain doll. But she is so much more than her looks - she is warm and kind once you get to know her and she reveals herself gradually.

Maxime and Iuliia have spent a lot of time in-house lately. Their cute apartment in Paris has been their only playground since lock-down. I was curious to find out more about how this few months were for a young couple. Also, I wanted to see Iuliia through the lens of her love, Maxime... I think it’s so beautiful to see these intense and intimate photos come to life.

Who is Iuliia, how did you meet and what is your first memory of her?

Maxime: Julia is a natural beauty with a strong personality, and she is my delighting wife. First time we met was in St. Petersburg. My friend who lives in Moscow gave me her number because he knew she was still living there and I invited Julia  to meet me and to visit the city with me. First memory about her was how exotic and paradoxical she looked like.

Who is Maxime, how did you meet and what is your first memory of him?

Iuliia: Maxime is someone kind, but at the same time with strong character, optimist with great sense of humor, attentive, taking a lot of care for his friends and about the ones he loves. Me and Maxime had a common friend in Moscow, so Maxime found a way to contact me. He came to see me in Saint-Petersburg, where I used to live before and  we fell in love. My first memory about Maxime, that he was cute, smelling very good and he had nice shoes  ;)

How was your quarantine with Iuliia? Best things about this time spent together? Anything annoying worth mentioning?

Maxime: I would say that we have gone through all the stages of a romantic relationship in less than a month. It was intense! Hahaha.  I will remember all those evenings that we spent drinking white wine and dancing in our little Parisian apartment.  I found out one annoying thing but i can't say it here. Sorry Andreea.

How was your quarantine with Maxime? Best things about this time spent together? Anything annoying worth mentioning?

Iuliia: Quarantine isn’t something nice and pleasant, but we tried to take it positively. We had  definitely more time for each other: spending evenings together, enjoying the food, getting to know each other even more then before. Sometimes I needed more time just for myself to fill myself up.

Your definition of freedom?

Maxime: Freedom is having the possibility to realize our dreams. 

 Iuliia: Definition of freedom for me is to do what I like without disturbing anyone  and without depending on anyone.

What MURMUR items would you want Iuliia to wear for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Maxime: Can I choose the Grid Bodysuit for the three meals?

Iuliia: For breakfast I’d wear Stark Leggings with Sculpt Bra Top White. For lunch I’d put on Sculpt Dress White. And for dinner I’d wear the Stark Skirt with Stardust Top Red.

How does Iuliia wearing MURMUR make you feel?

Maxime: When Julia wears Murmur clothes,  she beams with confidence and joy.

Iuliia: Wearing Murmur makes me feel chic, sexy but not flashy, it makes me feel very feminine.

A song you would put on for Iuliia?

Maxime: One song that defines Julia is 'Sexuality' of  Sébastien Tellier. Et voilaaa...

A song you would put on for Maxime?

Iuliia: Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.


Photos of Iuliia wearing the Haze Bra Top, taken by her husband Maxime.


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