MURMUR Pillow Talk: Stefania Cristian

"First thing you do when you meet someone is somehow find out if you have shared values, isn’t it? With having my own brand for some time now, it’s been easier to connect to people that admired my work and me theirs, cause my work with MURMUR was the ice breaker...

There’s so many amazing people I’ve met and that I have inspirational conversations with that I decided to share them with you.”

Andreea Badala – founder and head designer of MURMUR

Pillow Talk 〰 Stefania

Let’s start by knowing you. Who are you for someone who didn’t ever meet you? 

I was a shy kid, now I am better. I was born in Constanța is a city on the shores of the Black Sea, in southeastern Romania and I grew up with the sea. I am a girl who loves photography. Since I was a kid, I practiced dance, sport and ballet for 9 years. I wanted to become a choreographer and a pianist, haha! I took my first portrait at 14 years old. After I finished high school I attended a course of analog photography in a private school in Madrid and I learned how to use old cameras as Hasselblad, medium format, large format or Polaroid and to develop film in a darkroom. I had such an interest in the art form, also I had to find a job to buy film cameras and all the things that I wanted to create, so I interacted with other people from the fashion industry and I accidentally became a model and actress. I'm hypersensitive to ugly situations. I consider myself an infinitely kind person so be kind to me.

Who are you for the ones who love you?

I am Fanny. My name is Stefania Cristian aka Fanny, my mother's nickname for me was ¨Fanny¨ and now everyone else calls me that. Some people think I am funny!

Favorite activities during these past months staying in house?

During the quarantine, it is true that I connected a lot with myself. Connecting with yourself is such a natural experience. Favurite activities during these past months, of course… reading books, discovering new films to watch, most of them silent films, cooking and dancing.

How about your relationship with film?

In 2017, I was studying acting at the John Strasberg Studios, then 2 years later I made my debut as an actress in french drama film ¨LUX ÆTERNA¨ directed by Gaspar Noé. I'm so happy that I had the chance to play next to queens like Béatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg, especially in this one because they were themselves. 

You love taking photos of yourself. But you seem to turn everything you do into an artistic expression. How do you see yourself through your photography?

Oh, that's silly! I´m just me … I have always been fascinated by nature. I was raised between Romania and Spain and I had the opportunity to spend some time with my brother in the countryside also, when we were kids, riding horses and taking pictures in nature. The savage and the innocent. I like to play the kind of naive… sometimes poetic, sometimes childish. I just do it as I feel it! The great artist Francesca Woodman, once was asked in an interview why she photographed herself so obsessively, Woodman said: ¨I am always available¨.

Who do you love?

I love Christ! Even my name is christian, haha. I love Jesus, because he turned water into wine! I love Fassbinder! I love Zoe Lund! I love David Bowie! I love Marilyn Manson!

Who do you think you’d love from a different time than yours?

I love Shakespeare!

How does wearing MURMUR make you feel?

Sophisticate, but with a marvelous innocent look. I feel attractive and I am very definitely a woman wearing MURMUR, even God is watching me!

How do you pronounce MURMUR? And how many languages do you speak?

Murrr-murrr … with a slowly french accent. Well… I speak Romanian, I am fluent in Spanish and English and French I learned at school. Now that I live in Paris, I am practicing french every day and I love this city, it's a very creative city and empowers me to live an artistic and passionate life. I can also say I speak Italian, I can speak it if there is no other alternative to communicate with someone.

What would you say to a woman to grow her self confidence? 

There are so many things to say… All women are beautiful. Real beauty is something that comes from the inside out and don't be afraid to express your personality. That's how your inner beauty shines through. Never compare yourself to other people and appreciate who you are. Imperfection is beauty. Now, that's beautiful.

A soundtrack that you’d associate with the photos you took of yourself wearing MURMUR.

My friend's song Cory Becker - Under A Tree … I love this song and it makes me think that I wish I was a tree.

Who will you be in the future?

Hahaha… well, when future is known then it is no future! Lately, I have been supporting Animal Rights on social media, organizations as PETA and I would love to be involved somehow in the future in projects against bullfights, hunting, animal testing and all forms of cruelty to animals. Animals suffer and die every day in laboratories with little or no protection from cruelty.

What would you like to answer and I didn’t ask?

When we will meet again?


The photos are autoportrets of Stefania shot on film. Stefania is wearing the Haze Bra Top and Haze Shorts Lavender.

Discover more via Stefania's Instagram here.

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