Malta Special Bond

Landiana is the vice-president of Feeric Fashion Week, and one of the coordinators of the Feeric33 fashion design competition. As part of her mission to promote young designers and to support their activities, she is now working on developing an e-commerce structure dedicated especially to promising talents and to designers who use sustainable technologies and techniques.

What makes Malta irresistible to you? 

What doesn’t? I dare say that for everyone who has spent at least a few days there. I have traveled a lot, I have seen many spectacular places, but Malta has a little bit of everything. The impressive architecture, an incredible natural beauty, people who are always smiling, I’d tell you about the food, too, if only I had enough words to describe it. An incredible atmosphere every evening, weather like a summer’s dream, with something retro in the air, a balance between the old and the new, between tradition and modernism, and I could go on until you buy some plane tickets and see for yourselves.


How did MURMUR impact your holiday? 

That’s a good question. MURMUR managed to turn heads, and even to start conversation with people who were curious and who stopped to admire the outfits I wore during my photo sessions, or with people in the industry who I worked with on the projects that I did there. But the moment that really stood with me was one morning, during breakfast, when I chose to wear the white Ivy Skirt, and as soon as I stepped into the room, I felt all eyes were on me. It was like moving in slow motion.

Photo by Kurt Paris

Photo by Kurt Paris


A thing (or more) that you discovered in Malta and that you associate with the MURMUR woman. 

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, this is how I envisage the MURMUR woman in Malta:

The boldest thing you did this summer. 

After more than 10 years of working in the backstage of Feeric Fashion Week, where I coordinate the activity of over 150 people from all around the world, I dared to come out from behind the curtain, to enjoy the results of my work together with the guests and to watch every fashion show that I organized with my #feericteam.


2 guilty pleasures of yours that are only satisfied by traveling 

Food and food. Hahah. When I visit new places, I look for the perfect culinary experience. If there’s a Michelin restaurant around, I give in to that temptation, and everywhere I go I look for traditional foods, as long as they don’t include meat.

Another guilty pleasure of mine is hunting for handmade, artisanal objects, things that belong to a certain place.

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