Welcome to the new-look irresistible. Femininity done your way. This is the new Ivy Red Dress.

The highlight of our Valentine’s capsule is definitely the Ivy Red Dress.

Reinvented this time in burning hot red, we’re avant-premiering the Ivy Dress on the occasion of VDay, a courtesy before its official launch in MURMUR Spring/Summer ’20 collection.

Decorated with sinuous metallic details inspired by suspenders, the Ivy Dress hugs your body while revealing in style. Its thigh-high slit and off-the-shoulder, feminine neckline make it the perfect choice for when you don’t shy away from attention.

So, if you’re in doubt… Yes, you can wear a red dress, but not just any red dress. Chose one with an aura of toughness, something that says yes, I’m a woman, but I’m invincible. This is your armour. Wear it with pride.


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