Dark Love from Milan

Elisa Bellino, whose thoughts and loves you can find on The Ladycracy, took the Primal Long Dress out for a swim. 

Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I am quite adept at telling stories, but of others, I love reflection, and investigate the invisible aspects that guide human behavior in our society. After having a baby and completing my master’s Degree in Communication, I started writing and I never stopped. Basically I also never stopped studying, but I take photos, movies, I edit, I post-produce and I never cease to create, so I’m very lucky, but don’t ask me what I do exactly about work, I can’t give it a unique name.

What do you love most about Milan?

Of Milan, it can be paradoxical, but I love to observe its frenzy, the buildings in the Porta Venezia area, the events, the continuous cultural exchange with people who are always different.

Do you have any fashion rules when putting your holiday suitcase together?

My rule is always the same: comfort and sensuality, I must feel at ease but sophisticated in any situation.

A MURMUR item you would take with you on your next summer escapade and why.

I would like to take everything, but if I had to choose just one piece, I would definitely opt for the long Vixen Dress for evening outings, it’s sexy, but simple and super hot.

3 secret places which you consider perfect for the MURMUR woman.

The MURMUR woman is independent and self-confident, therefore, she is comfortable anywhere, alone or accompanied.

A song and a book for the perfect holiday by the sea.

My summer song: Fade to Gray by Visage. The book on the beach? The Sonnets of Dark Love of García Lorca.

Photos courtesy of Elisa Bellino

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