Daily Murmurs

Murmur guide to sensually mix luxurious garments with regular ones from your own wardrobe in everyday unexpected outfits.

Because Murmur pieces are so powerful and versatile that can be mixed with almost anything from your wardrobe, we decided to show you different ways of wearing them, besides the more classical elegant look.

Nonetheless, we kept in mind that Murmur is also about the sensuality of undressing, each piece being more than perfect to be worn by itself in your own privacy.


Lesson 1: Retro Cool

Step 1: Pair the lavish Sculpt Bodysuit with hight waisted vintage jeans, knee-high fishnet socks and boots.

Step 2: Slowly slide off the jeans while boldly peeking over the shoulder.

Step 3: When the time is right, all you need is your Sculpt Bodysuit.

Shop the Sculpt Bodysuit HERE.


Lesson 2: Casual Temptation

Step 1: Dare to be unpredictable and wear  the Temptation Skirt with cool regular t-shirts and boots.

Step 2: Oh, the dazzle! There are two ways of wearing this skirt!

Step 3: Let the game of temptations start!

Shop the Temptation Skirt HERE.


Lesson 3: Delightful Office

Step 1: The bodysuit that goes with everything can be easily worn with a stylish deux-piece and stilettos. Add a pair of ankle fishnet socks to complete the look.

Step 2: Give up the suit and start making yourself comfortable.

Step 3: Busy day? Bossy after hours.

Shop the Nude Bodysuit HERE.


Lesson 4: Risky Evening

Step 1: Flaunt your favourite lingerie  by mixing it with the Pagan Dress. Under-the-knee fishnet stockings and heels are just the right touch of fresh.

Step 2: Two options are in order. Start undressing from the top?

Step 3: Or slowly opening the zipper at the bottom? Choose wisely!

Shop the Pagan Dress HERE.


Lesson 5: Striking Snaps

Step 1: Snap Trousers are not only to be worn in elegant outfits, but also look perfect with a simple denim shirt and boots.

Step 2: Twist of the look: play with the hook and eye closure and show as much as you want.

Step 3: Things got intense? Reveal more.

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