The Invisible Line


Andreea Bădală, designer and founder of Murmur:

I’ve always thought that clothes are frames for women and I also know that everyone thinks the best frame is a dress. Whenever you want to wear something amazing that frames you, you will think of a dress.

 But what if the dress is the frame for something else? This is the question I asked myself when I conceived the Invisible Dress. I like things that seem classic and neat, but have a level of naughtiness and sensuality hidden somewhere. I see the Invisible Dress as a frame for a bodysuit or for your favorite lingerie set. Why? Just because I like to show what usually is not to be shown, I brought into wearability the beautiful mistery of the underneath: the real you, your degree of sexiness. This dress is like a radiography of yourself. And also, isn’t it such a pity to have a beautiful bodysuit that suits your shapes perfectly and not show it? And still look amazingly decent, but not like anyone else in the room?


 As anything Murmur, there’s at least two ways to wear it. Outside for a night out, with your Sculpt or Genie Bodysuit, just let those Signature pieces be the focus. Or inside, in your own home, just on your bare body. Can you imagine how lustful it would be? Wearing a classic-shape dress for a 2-person in-house dinner and framing your own body, without revealing all of it?

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