Tuscany ride with Catrinel Marlon

Catrinel menghia tuscany murmur clothing

For quite some time now, MURMUR muse Catrinel Marlon (Menghia) has been living in Italy, where she is a successful model, spokesperson and, as of this year, an ambassador of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. This summer, she spent some blissful days on a quiet side of Tuscany. We asked her to tell us more about this region she is so fond of, and about what makes her tick when she’s on holiday.

What makes Tuscany irresistible to you?

I am very connected to Tuscany, to its artistic and culinary traditions, and especially to its landscape. In fact, when we can, my family and I take the car and we gladly do a nice ride in the hills of this region. Tuscany is splendor and pride, secular tradition, cunning, modernity.

Living in the countryside part of the year in an oasis of peace, between nature and forgotten elements – this is my dream that I am about to crown.

Catrinel menghia tuscany murmur clothing

What’s the most daring thing you ever did on a holiday?

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa ten years ago. Scuba diving with sharks is an amazing experience and a privilege for divers to enjoy. Sharks are amazing predators and to see them in their natural environment is nothing short of spectacular. I love adventure.

Catrinel menghia tuscany murmur clothing

Words you murmured in his ear this summer.

It’s a strange universe, I love you.

Catrinel menghia tuscany murmur clothing

If you could ask any fictional character (from books or movies) to join you and your boyfriend on a summer getaway, who would it be?

Falkor from “The NeverEnding Story”. Loved this movie as a kid, still love it. Falkor could be a good ride for us for a summer gateway full of dreams.

The perfect song for sultry nights.

I have a whole album to dedicate for those kind of nights: Ornella Vanoni, Vinicius de Moraes & Toquinho – “La voglia pazza”.

Catrinel menghia tuscany murmur clothing

Catrinel took with her to Tuscany the Allure Trench coat and the Satin Candy set from our SS 2018 collection. 

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