MURMUR Spring/Summer ’20 – what inspired it

As we reveal the latest MURMUR Spring/Summer ’20 collection, a few words and triggers from creative director Andreea Badala:

The Unveil Series

For the Unveil Series I’ve used 50s couture references, looking into the inside details of a couture dress and transforming that structure into a modern evening dress” says head designer Andreea Badala about this stunning series from the Spring/Summer ’20 collection.



The Wrapped Series

“There’s an entire series of wrapped pieces. I love the wrapped dresses that just cover and uncover your body while you walk or sit.” These special pieces from the new SS20 collection speak about the never ending fascination of head designer Andreea Badala on how much you show and how much you hide.

Studio 54

“I’ve looked into old photos of Studios 54, but mostly to get the vibe and imagine how it would be now.” Tables covered in glasses and ashtrays, leather sofas, heavy theater curtains. The decadent glam of the famous nightclub inspired designer Andreea Badala to re-imagine that cool vibe of the ‘70s.


The 70s

There’s an inherent cool that I like from old 70s photos. If I would imagine it now, I would see it relaxed and confident and adorned with our iconic elements that reference lingerie. Think corsetry and lingerie details that would come on a more relaxed and cool background. Think overalls with both suspender details peplums and pockets in a flowy Japanese polyester.”

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