Starting this summer, some key pieces of the brand will be available in sizes up to 46. 

Creating clothing which celebrates femininity and sensuality has been one of the aims of creative director Andreea Bădală since she launched MURMUR in 2011. Now, as the brand nears its maturity, it was only natural to extend sizing for some representative products, thus getting a tiny step closer to fulfilling a much bigger dream: to dress women all over the world, no matter their age and sizes.

Some beloved MURMUR pieces, such as the Profane Dress or the Snap Skirt, have been adapted and fitted for sizes up to 46. Employing black, white and nude, these are versatile items which stand the test of time. They are an invitation to self-rediscovery, and a way to show the world that the beauty of the female body must never be cornered by society-imposed standards.

“I think MURMUR and a curvy woman, especially a woman who fully enjoys her curves, are a perfect match”, designer Andreea Badala says. “We did this shooting with Alia, to get our clients acquainted to a few key pieces that are available in sizes 42, 44 and 46. I really want women to be able to imagine themselves in MURMUR, and then to try the clothes on, and to match them with their confidence.”

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