It takes two to Roleplay

For us, February means love, intimacy and real connection. It is the perfect excuse to let go of all your daily activities and just dedicate yourself to your partner. Isn’t it amazing how every game you play shows you there is so much more to discover about each other? Isn’t it fascinating how a tiny item added to your intimate playground can lead to new sensations?

Such are the ways of Roleplay.

Inspired by the fantasy game of lovers in their private space, we have dedicated an entire collection to them, designing unique outfits and accessories for any playful scenario.

This love month, we’ve asked four of our favorite couples to show us a glimpse of their secret universe daring them to roleplay, with a small help from us.


What do you love about her the most?
Her simplicity and mysterymurmur clothing role play

Dana wears the Prison Collar and the Prison Bracelets


What do you love the most about him?

That I find him more beautiful with each passing day. Also, he never ceases to surprise me. 

gina chirila murmur role play clothingGina wears the Prison Skirt

What do you love the most about her?
I love how she surprises me from one minute to the next one.
murmur clothing role playIrina wears the Bare Long Dress

murmur clothing role play eventIrina wears the Skin Bra Top

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