FW17 Collection

fall winter collection murmur clothing

The beginning of FALL always makes you feel more dramatic and imperial, from the way you are expressing yourself to the way you dress, yet keeping that modern vision. The color doesn’t disappear, but somehow BLACK becomes more intense and powerful, especially when it’s accompanied by a touch of white, nude or plum. So hard to avoid this obvious direction. Like Irving Penn’s photography, black and white, classic and refined and always modern.

The Fall-Winter 2017 Collection brings a classic and dramatic aesthetics mixed with the never ending game of transparency, adjusted for the modern actuality and voicing a more mature sensuality.

Most of the pieces have gone through a “grown-up” Murmur process. New designs are integrated with the sensual universe, the classic white shirt is translated as sumptuous, either in a ruffled crop top with open shoulders or in a long shirt with bouffant sleeves.

Other models have double functionality, the shimmery turtleneck can be also an open back blouse and the sheer kimono passes into a dress when worn with a signature bodysuit underneath.

The leggings have a subtle bondage network or they simply become completely sheer, taking place of stockings.

Revealing bare skin in A-shaped skirt with deep leg slits or offering a peek of what is hiding under with waist corset trousers and golden decorated mesh on the sides.

Step into the drama.

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