How could one explain summer’s love affair with white? Is it The Great Gatsby vibe? A promise of garden parties, yacht parties, rooftop parties, languid afternoons and sleepless nights?

What do you wear when you wear white? The expectations of perfection, innocence, virginity? The need of lightness, a rescue from the dark?

MURMUR SS196410 1

Some don’t even consider it a color, but a shade, a clash of the negative and the positive, the place where all the colors of the spectrum collide. White stands out in a crowded place, you cannot hide behind it. It’s pretentious, just like it’s simple. Combine it with any other color, and it will make it sing.

White is a symbol of many things. You give it your own meaning, just like you give your clothes their own stories. As for us, this summer we see white as a road-opener, the color of successful resets and endless possibilities. A clean slate for anything you have in mind for yourself.

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