You can be Catwoman, or maybe a French Maid. Hey, you can even be Marilyn or Sharon or a sailor. You can stop time, you can explore and fulfill your every desire. That is what Roleplay is about. Roleplay opens up a conversation about dreams and boundaries, and how two people can learn new, surprising things about each other, while having fun.

These games adults play deserve some special outfits. Some beautiful things that boost confidence, release inhibitions and leave room for the imagination to break free. We have invited some of our dearest clients to be our Roleplayers and experience the power of MURMUR Roleplay.

Take the Maid outfit for example. You put it on and wait for his orders. The strong woman catering to the master for an entire evening, not afraid of servitude, because power has many faces, and is not afraid to use them.


Get to know the Denude items. Are those snaps that conceal or snaps that reveal? Is he the Dom? Feel them popping all the way down when he pulls at the seams. Are you the Dom?Make him wait and watch: for each snap that you open, a punishment must be given.


And don’t forget the Prison series. Those bondage inspired items are all about finding freedom in fantasy. Prove your devotion. Surrender to your curiosity, knowing that few things can beat the joy of exploring what your body can do.


Who makes the rules? Who sets the pace? No matter who leads and who follows, the Roleplay game will always have two winners.

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