MURMUR MATCH: November 2018

Things that inspired and aroused us this month.

  1. W Magazine. One of our favourite magazines in the world launched its first Art Issue in 2006, bringing together, in a visionary way, the art world, fashion, and pop culture. The 2018 edition of this groundbreaking publication features rap superstar Cardi B on the cover. The eye-catching photographs were taken on a phone by Mickalene Thomas, the complex African-American artist who painted Michelle Obama, and whose work celebrates Black women’s style, power and sexuality.
    *Cardi B in MURMUR Zest Corset
  2. Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy and the Avant-garde. Mind travelling is great when it’s cold outside, but you know what else is great? A visit to the museum. This month, our eyes were set on the Barbican. Featuring the biggest names in modern art, its current major exhibition explores creative relationships and collaborations across painting, sculpture, design, photography and architecture. Think Dora Maar & Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera, Lee Miller & Man Ray. And get ready to find new,¬†inspiring names and stories.
  3. Bad Behavior. You may know Mary Gaitskill thanks to Secretary, one of her most famous writings, to which we owe those unforgettable movie scenes starring Maggie Gylenhaal. Erotically charged and funny, bold and uncompromising, Gaitskill’s short stories are more into sadomasochism than into sentimentality. Her debut collection, now a classic, turned 30 this year, so if you haven’t read it yet, this is the best time to see how well it aged.
  4. The Favourite. Since 2009, when he blew our minds with Dogtooth, Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos hasn’t ceased to amaze and challenge us. With his latest movie, he takes us on a stunning trip to the 18th century, during the reign of Queen Anne. Her almost obsessive relationship with Lady Sarah Churchill (played by Rachel Weisz) is shaken by the arrival of Abigail (Emma Stone), a young servant who rapidly rises to become a queen’s pet. Watch the trailer.