MURMUR Match: January 2019

Things that inspired and pleased us in the month of knitting plans and chasing blues.

  1. New breed. MURMUR muse Dawn Richard (DAWN) has released a brand new album, which she sees as a love letter to her native New Orleans. If R&B is part of your life, Dawn’s music should be, too.

    To ease you way through the rich museum offering, we selected three of our favorite photo exhibitions around the world:
  2. Guilty Pleasures. If you’re in Paris, make sure to take a stroll to Saint Germain and enter La Hune, the legendary bookstore with a deep love for photography. After being partially destroyed by a fire a year ago, La Hune has reopened with a triumphant exhibition of Ellen von Unwerth. The 25 photographs you will see are an ode to decadence and forbidden pleasures, but also to lightness.
    * Sculpt Bodysuit photographed by von Unwerth for Spirit & Flesh Magazine
  3. Feast for the Eyes. Foodies rejoice! Foam Museum in Amsterdam fills our plates with an assortment of food photography – not only in the visual arts, but also commercial and scientific photography and photojournalism. Get ready for works by Nobuyoshi Araki, Guy Bourdin, Roger Fenton, Nan Goldin, Ed Ruscha, Cindy Sherman, Stephen Shore, Edward Steichen, Tim Walker, Andy Warhol, and many, many others. “Photos of food are rarely just about food, food can represent a lifestyle or a nation, hope or despair, hunger or excess.” Visit until March 3rd.
  4. Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now. If ever you needed a pretext to visit The Guggenheim in New York, this yearlong exhibition dedicated to cultural icon and enfant terrible Robert Mapplethorpe is IT. The first part of the 2019 exhibition (January 25–July 10) highlights early Polaroids, collages, and mixed-media constructions, iconic male and female nudes, floral still lifes, portraits of artists, celebrities, and acquaintances, explicit depictions of New York’s underground S&M scene, and searingly honest self-portraits of an artist whose obsession with perfection influenced his every trace in the world.