MURMUR Hotel: The Party

At about 7 PM, the 1st floor corridor of Casa Capsa smelled of heavy perfume, the kind that gets stuck in your memory, the kind you find in the morning, imprinted in yesterday’s clothes. The sound of footsteps was hidden by the soft carpet, the closed doors made the mind travel. All quiet and secret, all lush and predictable, as hotels should be.

Later, MURMUR Hotel opened, a micro-universe within a micro-universe, a twist of holiday that lasts for one night only, and brings together the fascinating atmosphere of short-term lodging, and the sensual ethos of MURMUR. A story imagined and made possible for the MURMUR woman.


Since its first edition, MURMUR Hotel was meant as a playful escape and oasis, a place that belongs nowhere and could be anywhere. It’s there where our impulse to watch without being acknowledged takes a more exciting form than what social media inevitably offers. It’s there where you don’t need masks to hide your curious gaze, because everybody knows you want to look and doesn’t care, because they do the same.

And what better way to play the voyeur game, than being given the chance to enter a hotel where all the doors are open, and the scenes unfolding in each room are like private shows that you can’t get enough of?

MURMUR Hotel: The Party was an invitation to see Casa Capsa in Bucharest, a place rich in beauty and history, through the eyes of MURMUR designer Andreea Badala. The mysterious characters that inhabited this make-believe hotel – the maids who offered guidance and allowed access to the rooms, the women who occupied the rooms – are as many embodiments of the bold, strong, playful woman this brand was created for.

Curious to know what the guests could see?


In room 115, a woman waited impatiently for her loved one to arrive. A film that showed her night drive though the city to the hotel could be seen on an LCD installation. One of the screens showed live images of her in the room.

At 114, three friends were getting to party behind and in front of a folding screen. Each gesture was made more energetic by the promise of night fun, each change of clothing became an irresistible shadow play.

Meanwhile, in room 112, the guests came upon a door with a transparent panel through which they could watch the author of a micro-peep show: a woman with wavy blonde hair sat on a spinning platform, dressed in a purple bodysuit, double slit skirt and hold-up leggings. The lighting shifted from red to green and blue and red again, while the platform kept spinning, and her reflection could be seen in the mirrors surrounding her.

Everything that happened in these three rooms could also be watched through their open windows, while strolling the interior courtyard. Hence, simply passing by made indiscretion hard to avoid.

For the voyeuristic game to continue, the guests could watch on a screen live images from each room in the MURMUR Hotel, while waiting at the bar, or while dancing.


Midnight brought a twist to the script. It was then that access to the second floor was allowed and two more rooms became available, two rooms where the guests could immerse themselves in the set design, and turn from mere witnesses into exhibitionists. Whether they started a private after-party, inspired by the balloons and empty glasses in room 218, or they started a photo shooting in the the baroque decorum of 219, they had to be aware that what they do is being captured and can be watched at the bar downstairs.

After having tirelessly roamed the corridors of Casa Capsa, after having sipped champagne and each other’s words, the numerous participants to this one of a kind experience had become characters of the MURMUR story themselves. Playing the part at their own pace, choosing where to stop and look, what to engage themselves in, and when to leave the fantasy.

Photos: George Sandu. Allies: Mercedes-Benz Romania, Glo, Alexandrion, Schweppes, HARDOT. 

Creative direction: Andreea Bădală; Event planning: Dăescu Borțun Olteanu (Tudor Dăescu, Dinna Doneanu), Mihaela Bivolu (Mullen & Lowe), MURMUR (Adina Marinescu, Ioana Luția), Cristina Grigore (The Brunch Affair); PR: Dăescu Borțun Olteanu (Tudor Dăescu, Dinna Doneanu), MURMUR (Adina Marinescu); Set design: Adeline Bădescu; Flower arrangements: Mihaela Ioniță/Mflowerlab; Room script: Andrei Tănase; Styling: Vincențiu Magearu; Models: Oana Vîrlan, Bianca Rascol, Flavia Bogoevici, Roberta F., Ilinka S., Iulia F., Raluca T./ One Models; Make-up: Alexandra Crăescu; Hair styling: Alexandru Claudiu Sârghe; Sound: Mihai Vasiu; Graphics: Ioana Luția; Content: Gabriela Pițurlea; Perfumes: Madison Perfumery; CCTV: Audiojob; Lights and video installations: Fives.