A few things about the amazing woman who modelled for the MURMUR Spring-Summer 2019 and Fall-Winter 2018 lookbooks.


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do and like besides modelling. 

I’ve been modelling for about 10 years now and it has been a totally cool adventure. Two years ago, every two months I used to be somewhere else in the world.

Now, my current passion is baking. I started working with a good friend on this sweets project and we fell in love! We are still a small business, but we are working hard and baking pretty, so we can grow. Meanwhile, it’s a fun and very satisfying job. We love making people happy with a little cake or cookie.

Your first memory with MURMUR.

My first memory with MURMUR dates from a long time ago, actually. I remember falling in love with the brand from my first editorials for fashion magazines in Romania.

How does MURMUR make you feel?

The first feeling in MURMUR is INVINCIBLE. The way the clothing is made – to show your best features, the curves of a woman -, and the subtlety of its kinkiness always makes me feel this way: invincible.

Your favourite piece from the SS 2019 collection.

My favorite piece from SS19 is the Ivy Dress. I love the golden details, the off the shoulder neckline, and the way it wraps your body. It’s a perfect combination for a perfect dress!

A song you associate with MURMUR.

Hooverphonic – Mad About You. It’s a powerful song that for me says MURMUR.

A place you would recommend for a couple escapade.

I am a fan of nature so I will recommend Harmonie Complex, in Predeal, as a perfect getaway in 2. They have these little cozy tree houses in a beautiful forest, each house decorated in a simple way, with a hot tub. It’s quite beautiful and away from the big and loud cities.

When do you consider you’ve discovered your femininity?

Ever since I was little, I was the girly girl type, everything sweet and rainbows. But after starting modelling, I discovered a new part of myself. I started to see that I am more than sweetness, that I can be a sexy, confident woman. And I discovered this through the jobs I had, especially the clothes that I wore.

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