You’ve probably seen her before on our Instagram. Masha is one of those women that instantly captures your attention and imagination. She grew up in Donetsk – her mother is Ukrainian, her father is African, from Guinea-Conakry. She started modeling in Ukraine, where she was spotted by a model scout from KARIN MMG, and now she lives in Paris, where the photos below were taken.


Given your roots and how they shaped your personality, what do you think that’s very Ukrainian about you, and what’s African?

I love dancing, people tell me that I have a good sense of rhythm. I laugh frankly and easily. I think it all came from my African side. All my Ukrainian friends have always told me that this quality reflects my African soul. Sometimes, though, my Slavic soul translates in some sort of spleen – I can be deeply nostalgic and melancholic.

How’s life in Paris and why did you decide to live there?

Because Paris represents to me the capital of fashion. I also love the French style of living, «la joie de vivre à la française». It is a kind of philosophy of life where you take the time to enjoy conversation, to appreciate good meals, and anything you might to do.

What do you like most about MURMUR?

To me, MURMUR’s style reflects elegance and sensuality. The outfits emphasize the femininity and enhance the silhouette.

What’s your favourite MURMUR piece and why?

I love the black Ivy Long Dress. It has some Parisian touch, some combination of elegance and audacity. When I wore it for the shooting, I felt empowered and amazingly flirty.

3 Parisian places where you would wear MURMUR.

In the confidential bar of Maison Souquet or Hôtel Particulier Montmartre. For evening dining, on the terrasse of Café de l’Homme.

A movie, a song and a drink that you associate with MURMUR.

A movie: Et Dieu…créa la femme because of its freedom of sensuality.

A song: Paroles, Paroles of Alain Delon and Dalida. To me, this song reflects the art of seduction.

A drink: Bellini, because of its delicacy.

What boosts your confidence on a sad day?

I try to take some time for sightseeing, the beauty of Paris always brings me happiness.

One of the nicest compliments you ever got.

An original one was from an Italian guy: he said that I was one of the creatures of Michelangelo.


A part of your body that you love.

Honestly, I’m OK with my body, but I’m really in love with my hair. I can easily model it in different ways and radically change my look, it is surprising.

Something you like doing these days.

In springtime I love enjoying the sun and cherry blossoms in the Tuileries Garden.

Photos by Dani Gherca.

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