A MURMUR Red Affair

Red comes from the very beginning. It comes from caves and thousands of years before Christ, from the hands of artists before art even existed.

Red comes from the silks and velvet European royalty used to wrap itself in, and it goes all the way to cathedrals and the clergy.

Red is an omen of good luck in China, the color of wedding dresses and New Year’s Eve. In Russia, the word once used for “red” also meant “beautiful”.

When you match it with black, it glows like a burning fire.

Red is blood. Red is poison. Red is sin. Red means passion and seduction, but it also means danger and war. Red says STOP but it also says WATCH.

Red is ochre and scarlet and cinnabar and toxic vermillion and cadmium. Red is immoral. Red is alive. Red is a brilliant collision of contrasts, just like love is.

Photos: George Pruteanu. Hair: Alex Sarghe. Make-up: Claudia Neacșu. Model: Lorena – One Models. Shoes: HARDOT. 

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