A Club All to Oneself

Don’t think too much about what anyone will say. If you love that outfit, wear it like it’s supposed to be worn. Like you’re supposed to be watched. Like you’re born to be wanted. Wear it with that innate confidence that you often disguise as friendliness, as if nobody’s around but a keen, admiring pair of eyes, enraptured by your every move, eager to ask for more, unable to ever get all of you.

Imagine it: A neon-lit room where any hidden version of you is free to express herself. A Daft Punk track plays in the background. You light a cigarette and whisper “you don’t stand a chance”, glancing past him, at something only you can see.

Photos by Will Sterns. Model: Gina Chirila. Hair: Alex Sarghe. Make-up: Claudia Neacsu. Gina is wearing: Maid Bra Top, Maid Leggings & Maid Shorts. Also featured, a version of the Frosting Bodysuit