A bare (almost) all event marked the launch of the MURMUR Fall-Winter 2018 collection

Fashion shows are usually crazy. So many things happening in the backstage, the running around, the last adjustments, models being dressed and undressed with the speed of quenching thirst.

Fashion shows are usually deceiving. All the hustle is masked by walls and screens, and all you get to see is the models’ poise and catwalk struts, all you get to experience is the ever-renewable magic of clothing ready to be worn.

What if we take it slowly?, we wondered for the launching event of the Fall-Winter 2018 collection, in Bucharest. What if we focus on unveiling part of the mystery, on playing with shadows, on letting the guests see how the zippers are pulled and the dream is spun? A fashion show that unravels like a performance, and that you even get the chance to see twice.

Pink was the limit, but also the conversation starter. Nightlife fuels everything MURMUR does, so the stretch lamé pieces and the lacquered jersey dresses and bodysuits were certainly the stars of the show. Hungry for more? Let us take you there.

New, amazing dimensions were added to the event by our hosts, Switch Lab, and our partners in play, Alexandrion. The photos below were taken by George Sandu.