Getting to know her: Masha

You’ve probably seen her before on our Instagram. Masha is one of those women that instantly captures your attention and imagination. She grew up in Donetsk – her mother is Ukrainian, her father is African, from Guinea-Conakry. She started modeling in Ukraine, where she was spotted by a model scout from KARIN MMG, and now she lives in Paris, where the photos below were taken.




MURMUR Match: March 2019

A few reasons why March was a cultural feast.

  1. Back Side – Fashion from Behind. MURMUR’s designs have always paid equal attention to the front and the back details of clothing. The back matters – it can catch your eye with intricate lacing and fastening systems, it can play dare with snaps, buttons or zippers, or simply bare it all, to let the eyes glide freely along the spine. That’s why we love the fact that the Fashion & Lace Museum in Brussels teamed up with Palais Galliera in Paris to put up a wonderful exhibition that focuses all the attention on the back. Presenting clothing and accessories from the 18th century up to the present day, the exhibition brings together pieces from Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Elsa Schiaparelli, Azzedine Alaïa and Martin Margiela, to name a few. Be it an endless train, an all-covering backpack, or a plunging neckline, the beauty of turning around is all there to be adored in Brussels, until March 31st.
  2. The Gentlewoman. We love ourselves a good magazine on the nightstand, and we can always count on The Gentlewoman to deliver the right amount of culture, fashion, and dazzling personalities. The Spring&Summer 2019 issue comes with a double-cover extravaganza featuring the great American artist Cindy Sherman. Arriving ahead of a Sherman retrospective that will run at the National Portrait Gallery in London from late-June to mid-September, this magazine is the one thing you need to grab while running to catch your next plane.
  3. Adèle. At 37, Leïla Slimani is one of the most appreciated French writers, a woman who Vanity Fair France called the second most influential French person in the world in 2018, surpassed only by Hedi Slimane. Her Chanson douce, a Prix Goncourt winner, was the most read book in France in 2016, and has been translated in over 20 languages. This year, the Slimani thrill goes on with an English translation of her previous novel, “a sex-addiction thriller”, as The Guardian called it, which was first published in 2014.
    A respected reporter, Adèle lives in a flawless Parisian apartment with her husband, a doctor, and their son. She has it all, but she is bored – and consumed by an insatiable need for sex. So she begins a parallel existence of one night stands and extramarital affairs, compulsively seducing strangers and making a mess of her tidy, settled home life. A thorny story that knows no douceur.
  4. Sunset. Hungarian director László Nemes’s Son of Saul was a shattering breakthrough, so of course we couldn’t wait to see Sunset, his latest film, which won the FIPRESCI prize at last year’s Venice Film Festival. Set in 1913, this is the story of Irisz Leiter, who arrives in Budapest with high hopes to work as a milliner at the legendary hat store founded by her late parents. She is nonetheless sent away by the new owner, Oszkár Brill, played by Romanian actor Vlad Ivanov. Her stubborn quest to remain in the capital and understand her lost past amidst a crumbling Austro-Hungarian empire sounds like a nightmarish tale for one’s inner princess.





The Spring-Summer 2019 collection launch

Not spectators, but privileged guests. This is how Andreea Badala wanted the people who participated at the SS 2019 official event to feel. That’s the reason why at the end of the show, when the curtains were opened, it was not she who stepped in front for a final cheer. Instead, the audience was invited backstage, to touch the clothes and meet the MURMUR design team.




Getting to know her: Oana Bran

A few things about the amazing woman who modelled for the MURMUR Spring-Summer 2019 and Fall-Winter 2018 lookbooks.


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do and like besides modelling. 

I’ve been modelling for about 10 years now and it has been a totally cool adventure. Two years ago, every two months I used to be somewhere else in the world.

Now, my current passion is baking. I started working with a good friend on this sweets project and we fell in love! We are still a small business, but we are working hard and baking pretty, so we can grow. Meanwhile, it’s a fun and very satisfying job. We love making people happy with a little cake or cookie.

Your first memory with MURMUR.

My first memory with MURMUR dates from a long time ago, actually. I remember falling in love with the brand from my first editorials for fashion magazines in Romania.

How does MURMUR make you feel?

The first feeling in MURMUR is INVINCIBLE. The way the clothing is made – to show your best features, the curves of a woman -, and the subtlety of its kinkiness always makes me feel this way: invincible.

Your favourite piece from the SS 2019 collection.

My favorite piece from SS19 is the Ivy Dress. I love the golden details, the off the shoulder neckline, and the way it wraps your body. It’s a perfect combination for a perfect dress!

A song you associate with MURMUR.

Hooverphonic – Mad About You. It’s a powerful song that for me says MURMUR.

A place you would recommend for a couple escapade.

I am a fan of nature so I will recommend Harmonie Complex, in Predeal, as a perfect getaway in 2. They have these little cozy tree houses in a beautiful forest, each house decorated in a simple way, with a hot tub. It’s quite beautiful and away from the big and loud cities.

When do you consider you’ve discovered your femininity?

Ever since I was little, I was the girly girl type, everything sweet and rainbows. But after starting modelling, I discovered a new part of myself. I started to see that I am more than sweetness, that I can be a sexy, confident woman. And I discovered this through the jobs I had, especially the clothes that I wore.


On Narcissism and Self-Love

A woman is an infinite shedding of layers that starts over with every new person that enters her life. A woman is an intricate labyrinth of harmony and round walls, of haze and pointy corners. A house of mirrors. A self-generated riddle.

Once she learns to offer herself a tiny fragment of the limitless love and attention she can give to others, she can never be alone again.

Photos: Dani Gherca; Model: Elena Voicu; Hair: Alex Sarghe; Make-up: Claudia Neacșu.

Self-assured, because life's hurdles give her confidence, and she steps into the world knowing that what she can bring to it matters

Self-assured, because life’s hurdles give her confidence, and she steps into the world knowing that what she can bring to it matters



MURMUR Match: February 2019

Things that inspired us and made us think of love, sweet love. 

  1. Reading in Paris. Tap 18 rue de la Verrerie on Google Maps and pay a visit to the place where Azzedine Alaïa used to live and work. The bookstore which opened there this month celebrates the designer’s love for paintings, photography and rare books. Pieces of furniture from his private collection and plenty of fashion books make it the perfect stop whenever you’re in need of inspiration.
  2. Dorothea Tanning. There are so many amazing exhibitions in London this year, and one of them focuses on a female artist who fully deserved a Tate Modern retrospective. Born in America, Dorothea Tanning lived and created in the US and France, alongside her husband, Max Ernst. The erotically charged innocence of her work (painted, sculpted or written) is still to be uncovered and discussed.
  3. thank u, next. Ariana Grande broke the internet with her brilliant break-up anthem last year, and now the song gives the name of her 5th album. With bubbly lyrics and full blast feminine energy, this new song collection has “confident woman” written all over it.
    * see Ariana in MURMUR in her video for God Is A Woman.
  4. Love & Hate & Other Mysteries. This intriguing photo album offers a beautifully fragmented sight of human drama, ranging from deep affection to anger. The 100 found black-and-white and color photographs inside are part of the vast treasure trove of Brussels-based collector Thierry Struvay. Cut to be worn in a locket or erased from the heart, these are photographs that have been scratched, torn, shredded, scissored, smeared. The story they carry is as torn as their edges. Go for it while you can, this is a limited print run.

What inspired it: MURMUR Spring-Summer 2019

Designer Andreea Badala reveals some of the 1950s shapes and details that inspired the newest MURMUR items.

The insides of a couture dress

I am fascinated with anything that has to do with the interior structure of haute couture dresses. I searched the internet and visited museums to find and understand them. Besides their role to shape and sustain the body, such contructions are also very beautiful. I decided to bring them on the outside, and I eliminated most of their functional details, because the modern woman is so dinamic and needs to move freely. That’s how the Opus series was born.



MURMUR Match: January 2019

Things that inspired and pleased us in the month of knitting plans and chasing blues.

  1. New breed. MURMUR muse Dawn Richard (DAWN) has released a brand new album, which she sees as a love letter to her native New Orleans. If R&B is part of your life, Dawn’s music should be, too.

    To ease you way through the rich museum offering, we selected three of our favorite photo exhibitions around the world:
  2. Guilty Pleasures. If you’re in Paris, make sure to take a stroll to Saint Germain and enter La Hune, the legendary bookstore with a deep love for photography of Saint Germain. After being partially destroyed by a fire a year ago, La Hune has reopened with a triumphant exhibition of Ellen von Unwerth. The 25 photographs you will see are an ode to decadence and forbidden pleasures, but also to lightness.
    * Sculpt Bodysuit photographed by von Unwerth for Spirit & Flesh Magazine
  3. Feast for the Eyes. Foodies rejoice! Foam Museum in Amsterdam fills our plates with an assortment of food photography – not only in the visual arts, but also commercial and scientific photography and photojournalism. Get ready for works by Nobuyoshi Araki, Guy Bourdin, Roger Fenton, Nan Goldin, Ed Ruscha, Cindy Sherman, Stephen Shore, Edward Steichen, Tim Walker, Andy Warhol, and many, many others. “Photos of food are rarely just about food, food can represent a lifestyle or a nation, hope or despair, hunger or excess.” Visit until March 3rd.
  4. Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now. If ever you needed a pretext to visit The Guggenheim in New York, this yearlong exhibition dedicated to cultural icon and enfant terrible Robert Mapplethorpe is IT. The first part of the 2019 exhibition (January 25–July 10) highlights early Polaroids, collages, and mixed-media constructions, iconic male and female nudes, floral still lifes, portraits of artists, celebrities, and acquaintances, explicit depictions of New York’s underground S&M scene, and searingly honest self-portraits of an artist whose obsession with perfection influenced his every trace in the world.

A Kukula MURMUR Fantasy

Nataly Kukula Abramovitch is an artist we’re following and falling for constantly. Hers is a world of painted porcelain tea sets, of rococo infused decorums, of roses, silk ropes and round lollipops. The women she paints are princesses of an unblushing dreamland, who adorn their bodies with precious corsets, and live surrounded by pet octopuses and other fabulous creatures. MURMUR is now part of that universe, which is the perfect pretext to take you on a short journey through her amazing art and vision:

Gasconarreds small 24x30



MURMUR Match: December 2018

Things that inspired and pleased us in the month of present overload.

  1. The Swimming Pool in Photography. Only December and already dreaming of summer? That’s the MURMUR team alright. And since escapism is always a great way to get through the freezing, cloudy days, we recommend flipping the pages of this beautiful photo book. Swimming pools can be status symbols, as the Jet Set pictures of Slim Aarons show, but they’re also places of leisure and relaxation for those who love being in and near the water. From basic basins to opulent splendors, get ready for a piece of cultural history via the works of famous photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Joel Meyerowitz, Martin Parr, Paolo Pellegrin, Alec Soth and Alex Webb. And don’t forget your cocktail.
  2. Indecent Exposure. John Waters, now 72, is one of the great living multi-media artists, an “agent provocateur” who has noticed and  and challenged conventions and prejudices all throughout his career. “Shocking” and “scandalous” are the adjectives that usually go along with his work. Never afraid of controversy or of speaking his occasionally preposterous mind, Waters embodies a type of artistic shamelessness that is sure to fuel conversation for decades to come, as it is being explored, layer upon layer. This year, he got his first ever retrospective at the Baltimore Museum of Art (closing on January 6th), and if you’re anyway nearby, you should go for the wild ride.
  3. What Michelle reads. End of year “best of” lists are fun in the beginning, but they quickly become exhausting or, worse, frustrating. After all, how many books can you regret not ever having the time to read? So we’re keeping it simple, with some reading recommendations from first lady supreme, Michelle Obama. And if you mean business, you should also check this list out.
  4. On the Basis of Sex. Since we’re talking about strong, inspiring women, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is most definitely a name to remember. Since being appointed Supreme Court Justice (and also before), she relentlessly and successfully fought against gender discrimination, becoming a feminist icon and even a pop culture fixation. Now, her story has been made into a Hollywood movie starring Felicity Jones. Watch the trailer here.
  5. Janelle Monáe and Ariana Grande are two of the celebrities who wore MURMUR Signature pieces in their videos this year. They are also two of the singers whose songs appear in almost all the “best music of 2018” lists. 2018 has been a great year (fashion and culture-wise). As Ariana made the whole planet say: Thank you, next.