Combining high-end fabrics, impeccable technique and a passion for ageless design, the MURMUR Signature Collection is a tribute to women with a healthy dose of restlessness.
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The 2018 collection offers an array of cocktail dresses, bodysuits, skirts and trousers that are highly wearable and utterly unforgettable. Elements of corsetry, shapewear, and retro lingerie have been woven into the collection’s DNA, adding to its sensuality. At the same time, great attention has been given to the ease of wearing and to the pieces’ versatility.
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Celebrities’ favourite MURMUR pieces such as the Sculpt Bodysuit, the Figure Dress or the Stark Leggings, as well as other iconic MURMUR creations, have gotten an upgrade in terms of fabric, detail and comfort. “I try to pay attention to women’s needs,” designer Andreea Badala says, “and I’m happy that through MURMUR I can make them see how beautiful they can be, and show them the strength that the right garment can convey.”
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