Inspired by the games adults play, MURMUR Roleplay explores the hidden facets of a woman’s personality and celebrates all the inventive ways in which two partners can explore and discover each other. “I think these are the kind of items that can even amaze you, the wearer”, designer Andreea Badala says. “Because you didn’t know you had it in you!”
The collection fuses the French Maid cliché, elements of bondage esthetics and a wink to male undergarments. The maid outfit includes high-waisted shorts, a bra top, a skirt, sheer leggings inspired by hold-ups, and various fetish accessories. The Prison series stuns with its numerous, narrow elastic straps, and accessories that carry deeper meanings for those who know the ways of S&M.
Among the new creations featured in the collection are anklets with golden rings that look great with stilettos, the ideal headpiece for mystery games, and a high-end unitard with snaps going all the way down the body. All the pieces from the collection can also be worn as stand-alones, on a night out. So dare to roleplay and add some new vibration to your wardrobe.