Fall / Winter 19

MURMUR: A reconnection with femininity and sensuality, by means of pret-a-porter. A way for women to enjoy what they are, with or without the presence of men.

For the Fall/Winter 2019 collection, MURMUR designer Andreea Bădală looked at 18th and 19th century menswear for inspiration.

Men’s shirts with puff sleeves, Victorian fall front trousers and the elegant robe were starting points for wearable womenswear pieces hat add a twist of volume to the feminine hourglass silhouettes.

Iconic Fall /Winter 19

Every MURMUR collection comes with a selection of iconic pieces, adapted to the seasonal color palette.
Cut from body-hugging fabrics, these are items that you would wear over and over again because they are feminine and comfortable, stylish and modern.