MURMUR MATCH: September 2018

Things that inspired and aroused us this month.

  1. Alaïa.This one is a keeper. The only major monograph on the highly influential designer Alaïa can be found again after being out of print for over a decade. This is the 20th anniversary of a book that celebrates Alaïa’s sculptural haute couture universe. It includes archival photographs and works by famous photographers, excerpts from literary texts and other sources of inspiration for the couturier, and contributions from his closest friends. The new introduction was written by Carla Sozzani and Christoph von Weyhe from the Association Alaïa.
  1. The Art of the Teese. Dita von Teese, the queen of burlesque, will be touring Europe this autumn, and some of her shows are already sold out. Be sure to catch a ticket before they all vanish like a woman who wastes no time.
  1. Interview. The magazine that Andy Warhol founded is back in business after having filed for bankruptcy four months ago. Complicated financial issues aside, the first issue of what seems to be a new era is made under the creative helm of Mel Ottenberg, Rihanna’s stylist and ex-fashion director of 032c. Legendary French director Agnès Varda appears on the cover, a tribute to the first ever issue of Interview, that she also covered. Ryan McGinley and Petra Collins are among the photographers who collaborated at the September issue.
  1. If you are into period films, here’s two that you should definitely watch in the coming month:

Featuring Keira Knightley as French writer Colette and Denise Gough as the reclusive, trouser-wearing Marquise de Belbeuf, Colette, the biopic directed by Wash Westmoreland, is all about courage and vision, in all the right words. Plus some amazing costumes assembled by Andrea Flesch.

MURMUR fixations Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny star in Lizzie, a take on the infamous story of Lizzie Borden, who was accused (and later acquitted) of axing her father and stepmother in 1892. Directed by Craig William Macneill, this film focuses on the intimate relationship between Lizzie and Bridget (played by Stewart), an Irish maid who comes to live with the Borden family and sets everything ablaze.

Kristen Stewart wearing MURMUR at Cannes Film Festival 2018

  1. Travelling to big cities is nothing without a stop at the museum. We know that there are thousands of things to do and see in London, including the upcoming Frieze Art Fair, but if you happen to be there this autumn, be sure to visit Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up at V&A. The exhibition features personal artefacts and pieces of clothing that belonged to the ever-inspiring painter. Locked away for 50 years and never exhibited outside Mexico, they are, as art critic Laura Cumming put it, “an extraordinary testimony to suffering and spirit”.

Sources of inspiration: Fall-Winter 2018

Designer Andreea Badala reveals 5 things that influenced her when creating the newest MURMUR collection.

The French Maid clichée

Used so far in the MURMUR Roleplay collections, it now appears in the seasonal collection through accessories or outfits that hint at the world of roleplay. I was inspired by movies like François Ozon’s “8 femmes” or the commercially applauded “American Horror Story” series, and by fashion editorials dealing with the fetishistic image of the French Maid. I translated all those influences in hourglass silhouettes and in accessories such as apron belts.

Discover maid

8 femmes




You can be Catwoman, or maybe a French Maid. Hey, you can even be Marilyn or Sharon or a sailor. You can stop time, you can explore and fulfill your every desire. That is what Roleplay is about. Roleplay opens up a conversation about dreams and boundaries, and how two people can learn new, surprising things about each other, while having fun.

These games adults play deserve some special outfits. Some beautiful things that boost confidence, release inhibitions and leave room for the imagination to break free. We have invited some of our dearest clients to be our Roleplayers and experience the power of MURMUR Roleplay.

Take the Maid outfit for example. You put it on and wait for his orders. The strong woman catering to the master for an entire evening, not afraid of servitude, because power has many faces, and is not afraid to use them.


Get to know the Denude items. Are those snaps that conceal or snaps that reveal? Is he the Dom? Feel them popping all the way down when he pulls at the seams. Are you the Dom?Make him wait and watch: for each snap that you open, a punishment must be given.


And don’t forget the Prison series. Those bondage inspired items are all about finding freedom in fantasy. Prove your devotion. Surrender to your curiosity, knowing that few things can beat the joy of exploring what your body can do.


Who makes the rules? Who sets the pace? No matter who leads and who follows, the Roleplay game will always have two winners.


Tuscany ride with Catrinel Marlon

For quite some time now, MURMUR muse Catrinel Marlon (Menghia) has been living in Italy, where she is a successful model, spokesperson and, as of this year, an ambassador of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. This summer, she spent some blissful days on a quiet side of Tuscany. We asked her to tell us more about this region she is so fond of, and about what makes her tick when she’s on holiday.

Catrinel 3



Denim, the MURMUR way

MURMUR creator Andreea Bădală about making denim part of the brand’s universe:

When I started MURMUR, I traced some clear creative boundaries, and I don’t think that denim fit between them, especially in the first collections. But in time, I realised that I need to add some counterpoints, to occasionally come up with something that forces those boundaries, otherwise things tend to become a bit too proper.

So I think that my work with denim started as a way of breaking the habit, and also as a challenge for me, the designer, to use denim in my own way.

What we do at MURMUR is original, bold and sensual, but these are niche products, and I wanted to work with something that is more common. I love to play with clichés, to show the MURMUR take on something otherwise ubiquitous.

Also, denim is all about wearability and comfort. I think that the freedom of movement has an impact on everything you do, it impacts your actions, your attitude. At MURMUR, we explore shapes that used to oppress the woman in any possible sense. Being inspired by things like corsets, our pieces are tight, they may not seem suitable for any occasion, they may seem difficult to mix and match. Denim is friendly, it brings this element of comfort, dynamism, it can show women that these intimidating pieces are actually easy to wear even during daytime, although they’re high-end.

denim 2



Rooms with a view | Spring/Summer 18 Collection

Sneak peaks from the private viewing of our Spring-Summer 2018 Collection at Grand Hotel Continental, in Bucharest.

Chaos, you felt like exclaiming while entering the Inspiration Room, with proto-pieces of clothing tossed between sketches and shreds of fabric. There was music coming from the bed and there was a candle in a corner, exuding fragrance while you stared at the bare bones of the Murmur Spring-Summer 2018 collection. The things you never see, but know are there, ingrained in your favorite clothes. It felt as if the brand undressed itself for a little while, in front of people who are dear to it.

From the very beginning, Murmur has focused on the pleasures of dressing as well as on the ritual of undressing. For this collection, designer Andreea Badala imagined ‘windows’ that reveal the body and ways of unfastening that perfect that ritual. Wrapped dresses with high slits, items with metallic poppers or slippery zippers, products that dissolve in time are the brand’s main offering for the warm season, and had their own presentation room at the event.

Denim is used for the first time in the brand’s history. The sculpt bodysuit, with retro bra cups inspired by the 1950’s shape of lingerie, got an acid wash make-over, and stole quite a few hearts at the private viewing. So did the Uncover series, with poppers that are dangerously easy to open, and the Web Dress. “What kind of red is this?”, you could hear a bewitched guest say, while Monica, a long-limbed beauty, paced around in the dress, wearing the Satin Candy Bra and Shorts underneath.

And then there was the Showroom. The silent room. The room you entered and stood still for a second, as still as the clothes and seduction apparatus hung on walls, spread on the beds or chairs. You looked around and could not help but wonder. What if you sneaked into some stranger’s room like in a mystery museum? What if you closed the door, put on that transparent dress and that collar, and could play any part you wanted? What if all those clothes were yours to live in?

At midnight, when the hotel became quiet and still, model Monica Toader played that fantasy, dressed in items from the SS 2018. The photographs were taken by Will Sterns. Big thank you to our partners: Grand Hotel Continental, Mercedes-Benz Romania, Logitech and Patchouli Flowers.


It takes two to Roleplay

For us, February means love, intimacy and real connection. It is the perfect excuse to let go of all your daily activities and just dedicate yourself to your partner. Isn’t it amazing how every game you play shows you there is so much more to discover about each other? Isn’t it fascinating how a tiny item added to your intimate playground can lead to new sensations?

Such are the ways of Roleplay.

Inspired by the fantasy game of lovers in their private space, we have dedicated an entire collection to them, designing unique outfits and accessories for any playful scenario.

This love month, we’ve asked four of our favorite couples to show us a glimpse of their secret universe daring them to roleplay, with a small help from us.


What do you love about her the most?
Her simplicity and mystery.

Dana wears the Prison Collar and the Prison Bracelets



What do you love the most about him?

That I find him more beautiful with each passing day. Also, he never ceases to surprise me. 

Gina wears the Prison Skirt


What do you love the most about her?

I love how she surprises me from one minute to the next one.

Irina wears the Bare Long Dress


Irina wears the Skin Bra Top


Murmur Voyage


Peeking into the weekend voyage at the seaside with the Murmur Crew, its creative friends and Mercedes-Benz. From the fun preparations to riding amazing cars while listening to good music, filming with the rear camera, the pop-up Murmur showroom on the beach at one of Brunch Affair‘s parties and dancing till the end of the night, find out different insights, points of view and feelings.



FW17 Collection

insta copyThe beginning of FALL always makes you feel more dramatic and imperial, from the way you are expressing yourself to the way you dress, yet keeping that modern vision. The color doesn’t disappear, but somehow BLACK becomes more intense and powerful, especially when it’s accompanied by a touch of white, nude or plum. So hard to avoid this obvious direction. Like Irving Penn’s photography, black and white, classic and refined and always modern.

The Fall-Winter 2017 Collection brings a classic and dramatic aesthetics mixed with the never ending game of transparency, adjusted for the modern actuality and voicing a more mature sensuality.

Most of the pieces have gone through a “grown-up” Murmur process. New designs are integrated with the sensual universe, the classic white shirt is translated as sumptuous, either in a ruffled crop top with open shoulders or in a long shirt with bouffant sleeves.

Other models have double functionality, the shimmery turtleneck can be also an open back blouse and the sheer kimono passes into a dress when worn with a signature bodysuit underneath.

The leggings have a subtle bondage network or they simply become completely sheer, taking place of stockings.

Revealing bare skin in A-shaped skirt with deep leg slits or offering a peek of what is hiding under with waist corset trousers and golden decorated mesh on the sides.

Step into the drama.

The collection is now available to order HERE.