A Kukula MURMUR Fantasy

Nataly Kukula Abramovitch is an artist we’re following and falling for constantly. Hers is a world of painted porcelain tea sets, of rococo infused decorums, of roses, silk ropes and round lollipops. The women she paints are princesses of an unblushing dreamland, who adorn their bodies with precious corsets, and live surrounded by pet octopuses and other fabulous creatures. MURMUR is now part of that universe, which is the perfect pretext to take you on a short journey through her amazing art and vision:

Gasconarreds small 24x30



MURMUR Match: December 2018

Things that inspired and pleased us in the month of present overload.

  1. The Swimming Pool in Photography. Only December and already dreaming of summer? That’s the MURMUR team alright. And since escapism is always a great way to get through the freezing, cloudy days, we recommend flipping the pages of this beautiful photo book. Swimming pools can be status symbols, as the Jet Set pictures of Slim Aarons show, but they’re also places of leisure and relaxation for those who love being in and near the water. From basic basins to opulent splendors, get ready for a piece of cultural history via the works of famous photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Joel Meyerowitz, Martin Parr, Paolo Pellegrin, Alec Soth and Alex Webb. And don’t forget your cocktail.
  2. Indecent Exposure. John Waters, now 72, is one of the great living multi-media artists, an “agent provocateur” who has noticed and  and challenged conventions and prejudices all throughout his career. “Shocking” and “scandalous” are the adjectives that usually go along with his work. Never afraid of controversy or of speaking his occasionally preposterous mind, Waters embodies a type of artistic shamelessness that is sure to fuel conversation for decades to come, as it is being explored, layer upon layer. This year, he got his first ever retrospective at the Baltimore Museum of Art (closing on January 6th), and if you’re anyway nearby, you should go for the wild ride.
  3. What Michelle reads. End of year “best of” lists are fun in the beginning, but they quickly become exhausting or, worse, frustrating. After all, how many books can you regret not ever having the time to read? So we’re keeping it simple, with some reading recommendations from first lady supreme, Michelle Obama. And if you mean business, you should also check this list out.
  4. On the Basis of Sex. Since we’re talking about strong, inspiring women, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is most definitely a name to remember. Since being appointed Supreme Court Justice (and also before), she relentlessly and successfully fought against gender discrimination, becoming a feminist icon and even a pop culture fixation. Now, her story has been made into a Hollywood movie starring Felicity Jones. Watch the trailer here.
  5. Janelle Monáe and Ariana Grande are two of the celebrities who wore MURMUR Signature pieces in their videos this year. They are also two of the singers whose songs appear in almost all the “best music of 2018” lists. 2018 has been a great year (fashion and culture-wise). As Ariana made the whole planet say: Thank you, next.

A MURMUR Red Affair

Red comes from the very beginning. It comes from caves and thousands of years before Christ, from the hands of artists before art even existed.

Red comes from the silks and velvet European royalty used to wrap itself in, and it goes all the way to cathedrals and the clergy.

Red is an omen of good luck in China, the color of wedding dresses and New Year’s Eve. In Russia, the word once used for “red” also meant “beautiful”.

When you match it with black, it glows like a burning fire.

Red is blood. Red is poison. Red is sin. Red means passion and seduction, but it also means danger and war. Red says STOP but it also says WATCH.

Red is ochre and scarlet and cinnabar and toxic vermillion and cadmium. Red is immoral. Red is alive. Red is a brilliant collision of contrasts, just like love is.

Photos: George Pruteanu. Hair: Alex Sarghe. Make-up: Claudia Neacșu. Model: Lorena – One Models. Shoes: HARDOT. 

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MURMUR MATCH: November 2018

Things that inspired and aroused us this month.

  1. W Magazine. One of our favourite magazines in the world launched its first Art Issue in 2006, bringing together, in a visionary way, the art world, fashion, and pop culture. The 2018 edition of this groundbreaking publication features rap superstar Cardi B on the cover. The eye-catching photographs were taken on a phone by Mickalene Thomas, the complex African-American artist who painted Michelle Obama, and whose work celebrates Black women’s style, power and sexuality.
    *Cardi B in MURMUR Zest Corset
  2. Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy and the Avant-garde. Mind travelling is great when it’s cold outside, but you know what else is great? A visit to the museum. This month, our eyes were set on the Barbican. Featuring the biggest names in modern art, its current major exhibition explores creative relationships and collaborations across painting, sculpture, design, photography and architecture. Think Dora Maar & Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera, Lee Miller & Man Ray. And get ready to find new, inspiring names and stories.
  3. Bad Behavior. You may know Mary Gaitskill thanks to Secretary, one of her most famous writings, to which we owe those unforgettable movie scenes starring Maggie Gylenhaal. Erotically charged and funny, bold and uncompromising, Gaitskill’s short stories are more into sadomasochism than into sentimentality. Her debut collection, now a classic, turned 30 this year, so if you haven’t read it yet, this is the best time to see how well it aged.
  4. The Favourite. Since 2009, when he blew our minds with Dogtooth, Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos hasn’t ceased to amaze and challenge us. With his latest movie, he takes us on a stunning trip to the 18th century, during the reign of Queen Anne. Her almost obsessive relationship with Lady Sarah Churchill (played by Rachel Weisz) is shaken by the arrival of Abigail (Emma Stone), a young servant who rapidly rises to become a queen’s pet. Watch the trailer.

MURMUR Hotel: The Party

At about 7 PM, the 1st floor corridor of Casa Capsa smelled of heavy perfume, the kind that gets stuck in your memory, the kind you find in the morning, imprinted in yesterday’s clothes. The sound of footsteps was hidden by the soft carpet, the closed doors made the mind travel. All quiet and secret, all lush and predictable, as hotels should be.

Later, MURMUR Hotel opened, a micro-universe within a micro-universe, a twist of holiday that lasts for one night only, and brings together the fascinating atmosphere of short-term lodging, and the sensual ethos of MURMUR. A story imagined and made possible for the MURMUR woman.




MURMUR SS 2019 Collection at Budapest Fashion Week

After having presented our Fall-Winter 2018 collection at Shanghai Fashion Week, we came closer to home by introducing the Spring-Summer 2019 collection in a city very dear to us. Hungarian and international fashion designers gathered last weekend at Budapest Central European Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion events in Central and Eastern Europe. MURMUR was there for the first time, alongside emerging Hungarian, Czech, Slovak and Polish designers.

At Várkert Bazár, an assembly of 19th century buildings and gardens which reopened in 2014 after major restoration works, the classical and the modern intertwine, creating a perfect venue for art and entertainment. It’s there where the shows took place and where the photos below were taken.

Shoes: HARDOT. Photos: Berill Sándor (REBELLIVE)


MURMUR MATCH: October 2018

Things that inspired and aroused us this month.

  1. Fashion Climbing: A Memoir with Photographs. Maybe you know his iconic street photos from New York Times and fashion magazines. Maybe you’ve seen the extraordinary 2010 documentary about him, Bill Cunningham New York. The legendary American photographer died in 2016, and left behind a huge body of work and love of fashion, and also an autobiography that we’ve been chewing our nails waiting for. Now it’s time to get it.
  2. Buffalo Zine. For their 8th issue, these mavericks of independent magazines have come up with a crazy fun theme: Fashion’s Kitchen. Get ready for a culinary visual odyssey and 100 recipes from the fashion industry’s crème de la crème, such as JW Anderson, Donatella Versace and Stella Tennant. From haute couture to fast food, and from haute cuisine to fast fashion, this beautiful hardback is set to feed your appetite.
  3. Yayoi Kusama in London. Victoria Miro Gallery presents its twelfth exhibition of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, a collection of paintings, sculptures and a large-scale Infinity Mirrored Room. A major inspiration for Andeea Badala, Kusama stuns with her diverse, highly personal view of the world, and the ever renewable energy of her art. Make sure to get a ticket until December 21st.
  4. Eyeshadow in Amsterdam. We love movies, we love music and we love experimenting. When these three come together, fun things can happen, such as the Eyeshadow events organised by the EYE Filmmuseum. The concept is simple: a modern day classic followed by a musical performance. The next event, due on October 27th, will pair the Japanese cyberpunk anime Akira (1988) with a live act by the young rapper Yung Nnelg. And if you plan on spending New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands, don’t miss Pulp Fiction on December 29th.
  5. A Star Is Born & Suspiria. Two of our favourite women in the world are starring in two of the most expected movies of the season.
    Lady Gaga put aside her stage persona to make room for Stefani Germanotta, the actress. But since no director can ignore a voice like that, we get to see her alongside Bradley Cooper in the newest remake of A Star Is Born, the story of a woman’s self-realization. The first screen version of this classic Hollywood musical was made in 1954, had Judy Garland as the main act, and got six Oscar nominations. We don’t know about those awards yet, but the 2018 version is bound to make anyone who wasn’t fully aware of Gaga’s unmistakable musical talent to become a fan. Add to that the speech she recently gave at ELLE’s Women in Hollywood gala.
    After having directed beloved films like Io sono l’amore, A Bigger Splash and Call Me By Your Name, Luca Guadagnino took on the task of reviving an Italian horror classic: Dario Argento’s Suspiria. With Tilda Swinton playing more than one role and a score composed by Thom Yorke, this movie that is about to be released will be the perfect after-Halloween treat.

* Lady Gaga wearing MURMUR

Treats from Romania:

  • If you happen to be in Bucharest, you have to visit MARe, the newest museum in town. It opened this month with a Jeff Wall retrospective, and it houses amazing examples of Romanian contemporary art from the 1960s to the present day.
  • Her Body and Other Parties, by Carmen Maria Machado, is a collection of short stories that mix horror, science fiction and erotica, and can now be read in Romanian thanks to Editura Vellant. We are proud to support them in promoting this book that, apart from being shortlisted for the National Book Award Fiction Prize, captured and challenged our imaginations.

A Club All to Oneself

Don’t think too much about what anyone will say. If you love that outfit, wear it like it’s supposed to be worn. Like you’re supposed to be watched. Like you’re born to be wanted. Wear it with that innate confidence that you often disguise as friendliness, as if nobody’s around but a keen, admiring pair of eyes, enraptured by your every move, eager to ask for more, unable to ever get all of you.

Imagine it: A neon-lit room where any hidden version of you is free to express herself. A Daft Punk track plays in the background. You light a cigarette and whisper “you don’t stand a chance”, glancing past him, at something only you can see.

Photos by Will Sterns. Model: Gina Chirila. Hair: Alex Sarghe. Make-up: Claudia Neacsu. Gina is wearing: Maid Bra Top, Maid Leggings & Maid Shorts. Also featured, a version of the Frosting Bodysuit


Walking the streets of Paris

All you need when you’re in Paris is the right outfit and plenty of time for roaming les arrondissements. A look through the eyes of Dani Gherca.

Model: Marta Banu

Hair: Alex Claudiu Sarghe

Marta is wearing Sculpt Bodysuit, Blackcherry Skirt and Bare Blouse.


A bare (almost) all event marked the launch of the MURMUR Fall-Winter 2018 collection

Fashion shows are usually crazy. So many things happening in the backstage, the running around, the last adjustments, models being dressed and undressed with the speed of quenching thirst.

Fashion shows are usually deceiving. All the hustle is masked by walls and screens, and all you get to see is the models’ poise and catwalk struts, all you get to experience is the ever-renewable magic of clothing ready to be worn.

What if we take it slowly?, we wondered for the launching event of the Fall-Winter 2018 collection, in Bucharest. What if we focus on unveiling part of the mystery, on playing with shadows, on letting the guests see how the zippers are pulled and the dream is spun? A fashion show that unravels like a performance, and that you even get the chance to see twice.

Pink was the limit, but also the conversation starter. Nightlife fuels everything MURMUR does, so the stretch lamé pieces and the lacquered jersey dresses and bodysuits were certainly the stars of the show. Hungry for more? Let us take you there.

New, amazing dimensions were added to the event by our hosts, Switch Lab, and our partners in play, Alexandrion. The photos below were taken by George Sandu.