Waking Up in Asia

Lore Gavrila is a senior cruise consultant with an obvious passion for travelling to amazing places, all around the world. This summer, she’s taken MURMUR to Singapore and Bali. We asked her to share some escapade secrets with us.




Curves in Art – 5 Women to Remember

In the body image discussion, Peter Paul Rubens and his “rubenesque” subjects still play an important role. The portrait of his teenage wife, Hélène Furment, in a fur robe, the Maria de Medici cycle, and his numerous female nudes reveal a voluptuousness we still aren’t used to acknowledge in today’s world, and that still raises questions and debates. Barely covered by folds of satin, or revealing their breasts in luxuriously tailored dresses, these women took the Renaissance nude to a new, Baroque vision of flesh and eroticism. They reflect a time when thinness signaled poverty and weakness of many sorts, while youth and prosperity were associated with strong, solid bodies. Placed in the context of art along the centuries, they are a celebration of the beauty and diversity of human form. But they are not alone, so here’s 5 other women in paintings whose curves we consider hard to forget:

Giovanni Bellini – Young Woman at Her Toilette, 1515



MURMUR Match: June 2019

Take a good book along and go for healthy sun exposure. 

  1. The reading lists for this summer have started pouring, and choosing only a few books to add to one’s collection is not an easy game to play. For starters, Oprah’s 28 recommendations are sure to fill the day with fun and emotion. If we can add one book to that list, we’re going with Dressed in Dreams: A Black Girl’s Love Letter to the Power of Fashion by Tanisha C. Ford. Afros and dashikis, go-go boots and hot pants, baggy jeans and #BlackLivesMatter-inspired hoodies are intertwined with Ford’s story as a black girl coming of age in a Midwestern rust belt city. This is a story of wanting, of access and conformity that reminds us how amazing style can emerge from a life of scarcity.
  2. White sand and turquoise water? Here we come. You must know by now how fond we are of hotels, so you will understand our fascination for Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi. This new Maldive pearl occupies three islands in the South Male Atoll. With 122 beach, reef and overwater villas featuring their own infinity pools and private outdoor space, and with a treetop restaurant to complete the stunning traveling experience, this is one place where you can dive deep into the MURMUR fantasy.
  3. Balenciaga and Spanish Painting. The wonderful Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid is hosting an exhibition that connects the work of Cristóbal Balenciaga with the tradition of 16th– to 20th-century Spanish painting. Balenciaga constantly studied the history of art and made use of these influences in what he designed, reviving historic garments and reinterpreting them in a strikingly modern manner. Exquisite paintings can be enjoyed next to some of his most celebrated creations until September.
  4. It’s hard to stay inside when there’s so much beauty in the evening air, but if you’re in the mood for movies, don’t miss Peter Strickland’s In Fabric. From the director of The Duke of Burgundy comes a horror comedy of sorts about a haunted “Artery Red”- colored dress with a history of violently murdering its owners. Because this is Strickland, expect plenty of visual treats, eroticism, and finely packed irony.


Starting this summer, some key pieces of the brand will be available in sizes up to 46. 

Creating clothing which celebrates femininity and sensuality has been one of the aims of creative director Andreea Badala since she launched MURMUR in 2011. Now, as the brand nears its maturity, it was only natural to extend sizing for some representative products, thus getting a tiny step closer to fulfilling a much bigger dream: to dress women all over the world, no matter their age and sizes.



MURMUR Pop-Up Paris Showroom/ Iconic Spring/Summer 20

MURMUR will be in Paris between June 21-23 to showcase its Iconic 2020 collection, in a pop-up showroom situated in Rue Beaurepaire, in the 10th arrondissement.

Using a selection of the most recognisable MURMUR designs as the starting point, Andreea Badala created MURMUR Iconic in 2019. This is a day to night, ready-to-wear line that offers more wearable and versatile versions of the brand’s Signature pieces, which have been worn by celebrities worldwide since the brand launched in 2011. Using new technology, fittings and fabrics, the design team created MURMUR Iconic for a timelessly stylish woman who is always on the go.

This is an open invitation to get acquainted to the brand’s newest collection and to meet the brand’s founder and creative director, Andreea Badala. Please set up a visit at or



Summer of White

How could one explain summer’s love affair with white? Is it The Great Gatsby vibe? A promise of garden parties, yacht parties, rooftop parties, languid afternoons and sleepless nights?

What do you wear when you wear white? The expectations of perfection, innocence, virginity? The need of lightness, a rescue from the dark?

MURMUR SS196410 1



MURMUR Match: May 2019

Time to get the fans running and the restless explorations going. 

  1. Soon after celebrating the amazing performance of Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born, it’s time for another glorious meeting between acting and singing on screen. Miley Cyrus is the main act in one of the latest episodes of Black Mirror, the Netflix series that changed the way we look at how we use technology. The 5th season has its big release on June 5th, but the trailer was enough to get our enthusiasm kicking.
    * Miley in MURMUR, in one of the boldest Easter photos of the decade.
  2. Lima :: Limon Poetry quiets the spirit while dizzying the mind in unpredictable ways. In her latest book, Natalie Scenters-Zapico tells the story of life as a woman in the U.S. and Mexico, focusing on the often-tested resilience of women. With unflinching language, she spins the lyricism of borders of all sorts, of bodies colliding in sensual, but mostly violent ways. The cruelty of men against women, the hardships immigrants face on the other side of the border, the rejection of the status quo and the desire for change and healing are not easy subjects, but Zapico’s poems turn them into a wildly illuminating trip.
  3. love and angst As usual, there’s no way one can count their main cultural cravings without passing through London. The British Museum has put on a show dedicated to the work of Edvard Munch, this subversive Norse father of Expressionism whose Scream keeps speaking to us all, like a self-portrait of our times that regenerates itself every morning. This beautiful print exhibition made in collaboration with the Munch Museum in Oslo can be visited until July 21st and is the best introduction in the artist’s work you could treat yourself to.
  4. Sheila Metzner. If you haven’t heard about this American photographer, now it’s time to discover her work. In the 1960s, Metzner became the first female art director of the advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach, and she got to work with famous photographers like Richard Avedon and Diane Arbus. She began by photographing her husband and their seven children, and she went on to have a 50-year career that spans from celebrity portraits and fashion photography, to still life and landscapes. The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow now offers a retrospective and a great pretext (if ever you needed another one) to visit Russia.

This is Signature Atelier (part 2)

Creative director Andreea Badala on the importance of adding tiny luxuries to your life and more Signature secrets.

Maybe this sounds idealistic, but my dream was to keep that nucleus from the innocent stage of building a brand, when you start with nothing but creating in mind. In the beginning, you only want to turn your ideas into reality. That innocence involves great effort and fantasy. And the big challenge, as you grow, as a designer and as a business, is to keep the imagination vivid, while adding the grown-up touch.



This is Signature Atelier

Some things we cherish and think you should know, straight from the MURMUR design team.

The atelier work

Handcrafted and made to measure products require amazing work experience. It’s a completely different way of working on a piece. You need to employ a far greater array of skills than when working in a factory, and you even need to be able to have a personal input, to think the product as you work on it. Not any seamstress can do handmade. It requires so much attention, precision, patience, because there is no exact recipe for success – you build something special and you need to be fully immersed in the work.




MURMUR Match: April 2019

Hacking our way into spring awakening with some unconventional methods.

  1. We are starting this month’s list with a documentary, because Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché is just the kind of thought provoking gem we want to share with you, path openers. Who is Alice? Well, not someone that comes to mind when one talks about movie history. In 1895, when the Lumière brothers introduced the world to the wonders and possibilities of moving images, among the spectators was a young secretary who ended up writing, directing and producing one of the first narrative films ever made. Enchanted by the fast evolution of film and the new techniques, she founded her own company, and, spanning a two-decade career, she made hundreds of films. Then she disappeared into oblivion, until a few years ago.
    You also might enjoy reading this article on another woman director who we hardly know enough about, Lois Weber.
  2. TIME Magazine has released its much-appreciated 100 Most Influential People List, and if you’re just as keen as us to keep pace with the world, its leaders, its pioneers and its changemakers, you should definitely give it a read. Among those featured are lesser known names like Dream Hampton (the director of the courageous yet tender documentary Surviving R. Kelly) or Loujain al-Hathloul (a Saudi activist who challenges laws and fights for women rights in a male dominated country where women were allowed to drive in – believe it or not – June 2018). Also on the list are Chrissy Teigen, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, some amazing women MURMUR is proud to have dressed.
  3. Madame X. Madonna, a constant inspiration for MURMUR designer Andreea Badala, has announced her 14th album and released an introductory video in which she wears our Snap Skirt. The album is a collection of 15 songs which celebrate Madonna’s creative affair with Latin music, and which bear the marks of her having lived in Lisbon over the past several years.
    Madame X, in Madonna’s words, is “a dancer, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a mother, a child, a teacher, a nun, a singer, a saint, a whore (…) a spy in the house of love.” Madame X is also the name Martha Graham gave Madonna when she came to New York to train at her dance company. “I’m going to give you a new name: Madame X.”, Martha said, according to Madonna. “Every day, you come to school and I don’t recognize you. Every day, you change your identity. You’re a mystery to me.” Expect hearing songs from this album when visiting our showroom this summer.
  4. Stanley Kubrick was undoubtedly one of the most provocative filmmakers of the 20th century. He was also an obsessive genius, who had to oversee each inch of the creative design process when working on a film. So if you are keen to find out how he came up with the brilliantly anomalous worlds in The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket or 2001: A Space Odyssey, head straight to Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition, which lands at the Design Museum in London, from 26 April to 15 September. The show features props, costumes, films and scripts, equipments he used, and photos he took during his youth. Kubrick’s fascination with design and architecture is reflected by his collaboration with key designers of his generation, including Hardy Amies, Saul Bass, Milena Canonero, and Ken Adam, so there will be plenty of fun and revelations for design buffs.
    BFI Southbank joined the fun with a two-month Kubrick season (April and May), so you can watch Kubrick’s masterpieces on the big screen, right in the city that most inspired him. You can enjoy a 30% discount to the films by showing a valid ticket for the exhibition at the BFI ticket desk.