Signature Collection

From the moment we realized that certain pieces are not only emblematic for the brand’s essence, but additionally so forceful that it is a pity to stop creating them after one season, we decided to develop an ongoing line, that isn’t determined by seasonal collections. This is how the Signature Collection was created in 2014, consisting at first exclusively of bodysuits and corsets.

Over time, the pieces have become increasingly successful, therefore the line extended, now also including the most outstanding dresses, skirts, kimonos and leggings Murmur has. From one season to another, there are a series of pieces which stand out from the collections, so every now and then the line is revised and new core items are included.

Significant for the Signature pieces is the first form of bra cups the brand conceived: the retro ones, inspired by the 1950’s shape of lingerie, followed by a more dreamy style, the balconette bra cup, giving a romantic touch. The most recent cup form is the push-up one, a modernized approach which beautifully emphasizes the cleavage line. Besides the bra cup technology, there are other signature elements that reveal the heart of Murmur. The current selection integrates iconic detailing reminiscent of lingerie: bondage elements, hook and eye fastenings and tempting transparencies.

Given that it is a permanent line, adjustments and improvements are always in order. Being influenced by our customer’s feedback, the Signature pieces are constantly evolving, be it a matter of changing the fabrics, varying the details, innovating the technology for a better fitting or simply adding new colors. A good example is how the representative bodysuits were upgraded from a soft lycra to a more elegant and easy to wear satin, making them more appealing to our clients.

To top it all, not only our customers were charmed with the Signature pieces, but also renowned international celebrities, such as Madonna, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Kylie Jenner Katy Perry, Fergie, Gigi Hadid were immediately impressed. Moreover, well-known international press such as international Vogue and Elle  featured our pieces.

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