Murmur Hotel Event

The second edition of our event, Murmur Hotel, enclosing a presentation of the newly launched Holiday Edition pieces, took place in Bucharest on June 20th. We have invited writer Gabriela Piturlea and photographers Will Sterns and George Pruteanu to illustrate the story of Murmur Hotel.

Eager and more, you watch the maid as she comes back to pick up another group from the hotel’s terrace. She shows a number – your turn now – down the corridor and up the stairs, footsteps cushioned, people whispering all around. “Follow Me”, the maid’s sign says, and her gartered legs are the only thing you see as she opens the first door. The phones go up amid sighs and murmurs.

It’s Costa Rica, or maybe the Riviera inside, you forget your dull tomorrow, drenched in perfume, pastels, and sweet lazing around. Girls clad in silk stroll the room as if time went out the window, you can almost bet you’d see the ocean if only you were brave enough to cross into their space and pull the curtain. But you remain a voyeur.

Photography | George Pruteanu Murmur Clothing Hotel Event

Photography | George Pruteanu

A bell rings, time hasn’t stopped after all. You must follow the maid. Another door opens, an ironing board stands between the reality of the entrance hall and the games being played in the room. Glimpses between shoulders: The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage. Black and white, playing master and servant. Hooks being touched, laces being pulled and tied around thighs. There’s nothing submissive about this girl, you think, as she comes closer and absently brushes invisible dust off a dress. Did your heart stop? Do you want more?

Murmur clothing hotel event will sternsmurmur clothing hotel event will sternsPhotography | Will Sterns

The bell pulls you out and leads you into the last room, so lavish with the boredom and glamour. The fragrance is heavy, you breathe it like cigar smoke from a dark stranger. These girls who look like sisters, getting ready for the long night, dragging their boredom from chair to armchair. You’d just sit and watch the soft bending of their perfect backs wrapped in dresses made for centre stage.

murmur clothing event will sterns photograăhyPhotography | Will Sterns

That bell again, the game is over. Damn! Your legs move towards the terrace, your mind lags behind. You can’t leave, so you cheat. Number 11. “Follow me” and you go. Doors open. You sit and watch. Number 12. “Follow me” and you go. Doors open. You sit and watch. Time stopped a few hours ago, in a room filled with escape. All your dreams come true and then you wake up.



Event Credits

Concept: Murmur, Tudor Dăescu – Dăescu Borțun Olteanu, Attila Kim ( ), Bogdan Ciocodeică ( ) | Organizing: Murmur, Event Foxifiers – Mădălina Ivașcu, Dăescu Borțun Olteanu | Event Design: Attila Kim, Bogdan Ciocodeică | Styling: Andreea Bădală, Magearu Vincențiu Photography: Will Sterns, George Pruteanu, George Sandu, Ioana Enescu | Models: One Models Romania | Make-up: Alexandra Crăescu | Hairstyling: Claudiu Alex Sarghe | Partners : Mercedes-Benz Romania – Official Partner,, Florariile Floria, Musette, MADISON-luxury perfumery, Logitech | Location: Grand Hotel Continental


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