Happy Birthday to The Queen of Pop: MADONNA

Today we are celebrating the birthday of the one and only Queen of Pop, Madonna, who has built a legacy that goes beyond music. Since the beginning of her career, she truly made a cultural change worldwide.


She knew better than anyone else how to make the world dance while sending a strong message of a changing era. Her attitudes and opinions have taught the world that women's role within the society started changing dramatically. In a male-dominated world, Madonna dared to challenge society's rules and definitions of femininity and gave them a new meaning. By encouraging sex-positivity into her style and music, a more open-minded attitude towards women's sexuality started shaping a whole world.

As women, we have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth. Seek out strong women to befriend, to align yourself with, to learn from, to collaborate with, to be inspired by, to support, and enlightened by.”- Madonna's speech in 2016, accepting her `Billboard Woman of the Year Award`, which delivered spectacularly on both sexism and feminism fronts.

There are multiple examples of Madonna sending strong messages of power through clothing. A great one is the mixture of lingerie-inspired pieces and masculine shapes. So powerful in the 90s, still forceful today. In the picture above, Madonna is wearing MURMUR Snap Skirt with hooks and eyes alongside a classic white shirt and a black tie for her Madame X Album Cover, shot by Steven Klein. It is almost like she is quoting herself. It's Madonna's Signature!

 As Murmur is about celebrating the joy of being a woman through every piece and exploring femininity and sensuality on a deeper level, we are more than proud to have created designs for one of the most iconic women throughout history. Here are some of the greatest moments when she has worn our creations, presented by Andreea Badala, MURMUR founder & head designer:

Murmur custom-made corset worn by Madonna for the first time

"In 2014, we had the first request from her team, through a PR Showroom in L.A., The Residency Experience. Since I was a child, she was a real inspiration for my creative path. I have seen myself growing up with her songs, her attitude, and iconic style. And then I had the amazing chance to see her wearing my creations. It is hard to put into words how grateful I was for that!

We have created the first piece for Madonna: a custom-made corset for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. It was styled with a Ralph Lauren White Suit. Simply stunning!"

The Nun Outfit for the Rebel Heart World Tour 

"After our first collaboration, we had multiple requests from her team during that year. But I also wanted to send her something special, besides the requested pieces. I was always fascinated by the Catholic elements found in her aesthetics. So I created a Nun dress especially for her and sent it as a gift. One year later, she posted a picture on Instagram doing fitting with my creation for one of her dancers."

"Madonna herself wants your designs for her next World Tour. Just imagine waking up with this message! She specifically requested to create Nun outfits for her dancers to wear on stage during the World tour. And she was the one wearing the Nun dress sent as a gift one year before. What at first seemed to be a beautiful dream, turned soon into reality. "

"When you find that strong voice that makes a statement for a whole world, just don't stop getting your inspiration from her. This is Madonna for me: the voice that inspired me as a young girl who just began to understand what it's like to be a woman in this world. And step by step to learn how you can fully enjoy this with all the beauties, strengths, but also weaknesses. And she still does!"

Andreea Badala, MURMUR founder & head designer

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